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Power Management



This Invisilight Dispenser makes it easy to dispense up to 30ml of adhesive to create as easy and a sleek cable management system

Invisilight Dispenser with 30ML Adhesive Tube 

Invisilight Adhesive enables fast, easy, and virtually invisible cable/fiber deployment in residences or businesses. The adhesive can be painted to match any aesthetic with a tight bend radius minimizing loss around corners. Invisilight is discrete in appearance and leaves a compact footprint that is quick and easy to install. 

*Eco-friendly water-resistant bond without chemical smells, is acid-free, dries clear, and cleans up immediately with soap and water. 

Recommended installation surfaces: Most common construction materials including brick, wood, dry-wall, plaster, wallpaper, fabrics, and painted surfaces.

Not recommended for use on or with Metals that will corrode, mirrors, natural marble (could stain), polyethylene, polypropylene, Nylon or Teflon®

Installation conditions:  

1. Store adhesive tubes above freezing

2. Surfaces should be clean and dry

3 Application temperature >10°C (50°F)

4. Set Time and repositioning: 10 minutes

5 Dry time: 1 to 24 hours (depending on thickness)

6 Dries clear within 1 – 3 hours, depending on thickness

7 Non-flammable, flexible solid, water resistant

Safety precautions: Wear gloves and or safety glasses with side shields while applying the adhesive.