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Design Smart Spaces With Data

Keep track of who’s in the office and view when and how they’re using the space so you can allocate resources with data-driven intelligence.

Anticipate the needs of your employees and visitors to enable collaboration and productive work.

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Design Smart Spaces With Data

Visitor Data Belongs In Your CRM

Touchless check-in

Health screening

Contact tracing

Capacity planning

Social distancing

Hoteling & Hot desking

Track global space utilization

Use real-time occupancy reports to see how employees are using resources across multiple floors and locations.

Leverage reservation check-in data to recapture and allocate wasted space.

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Track global space utilization

Optimize your workspace

Use data on amenity utilization and peak employee hours to recapture wasted space, manage cleaning schedules and plan staff.

Make informed decisions on space planning, control density, enforce social distancing and optimize your office layout.

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Optimize your workspace