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    Hardware to support your team and power your office. Explore Room Booking, Visitors Management, Power Management and Remote Office for a smart office.

Visitors Management

Secure, manage and govern the entire cycle of visitor operations.

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Astro Room Booking

Astro is PowerBx´s most popular Plug & Play display. Easy, simple and powerful.

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iPad Room Booking Hardware

Transform any Ipad into a modern Room Booking Display

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Android Room Booking Hardware

Transform any tablet into a modern room booking display.

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Power Management

Conceal and manage power across a variety of PoE and PoE+ adapters

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Remote Office

Ensure remote workers and distributed teams are setup for success.

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Replacement Hardware

Missing something? Not to worry, we got you covered.

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Hybrid Office Activation

Embrace the Hybrid Work Revolution: Discover the Ultimate Kit Activation for Office and Home

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