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The Future of
Office Infrastructure

PowerBx is the leading technology integrator for the hybrid office. Our end-to-end deployment services include device provisioning, software configuration, resource ID’ing, site survey’s, cable lays, and installation. We are the new standard for space management.

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Forward-Thinking Companies Think Alike

We don't just offer best-in-class solutions--we help transform company culture. Here are just a few companies experiencing greater collaboration and productivity with PowerBx.

Enterprise Calendar Integration

PowerBx’s solutions integrate with your existing calendaring apps, as well as emerging technologies like sensors. This makes it easy for employees to use while giving business leaders the insights they need to plan ahead.

Plug and Play Device Setup

PowerBx streamlines device setup and saves you time. Our team will stage devices in our facility and manage device setup and configuration, software installation, and device specific settings.

Zero Touch Integration

Domain and Location Setup

Connecting Calendar (Google or Microsoft 365)

Create Calendar Resources & Room Assignments

ID Devices to Room Assignments

Implementation Training

Improve Workplace Safety, Flexibility and Productivity

Give your team the flexibility to book resources, meeting rooms and desks using their existing calendar.

Create bookable spaces and seating charts adapted to your company needs and safety policies.

Support and manage workspace requirements for hybrid work, office hoteling and hot desking.

Get Up And Running Fast

Get insights and make informed decisions around people and space.

Search, reserve, and optimize the use of bookable resources across single and multi-site campuses to measure productivity and collaboration.

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