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Find the best solution for your workspace

Space Management

$30 Per Room

Find the right software to easily manage workspace and increase productivity.

Visitors Management

$80 Per Lobby

Secure, manage and govern the entire cycle of visitor operations.

Astro LED Display

$799 Per Display

Experience PowerBx’s most popular Plug & Play display. Easy, simple and powerful.

Ipad & Android Room Booking Hardware

$796 *iPad Included

Transform any tablet into a modern room booking display.

Device Provisioning

$99 USD

Leading software and hardware for world-class workspaces supported and fully compatible with Office 365 and Google Calendars.

On-Site deployment

$439 USD

Make life easy for your Facilities and IT teams with our end-to-end deployment services.

Why ?

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Studio McGee is a full-service interior design firm that designs homes from concept to completion throughout the US.

A passion for interior design, fashion, and online shopping at Studio McGee has made the company one of the most well-known design firms in the US.

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Cisco Meraki, a leader in secure and scalable cloud controlled Wi-Fi, routing, and security, set out to decrease friction and increase productivity.

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Opt Connect is North America’s industry leader in providing a secure, simple, easy, and ultra-reliable monitored wireless connection for ATMs, Smart Safes, Kiosks, Micro Markets, Digital Signage, and many other IoT/M2M applications.

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