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Opt Connect stands as the premier industry leader in North America, specializing in delivering secure, straightforward, and dependable monitored wireless connections for a wide array of applications including ATMs, Smart Safes, Kiosks, Micro Markets, Digital Signage, and various other IoT/M2M solutions. With a dedicated workforce of over 150 professionals committed to maintaining its forefront position in the industry, Opt Connect places significant emphasis on cultivating functional and top-tier work environments aimed at enhancing employee productivity.



Ryan Kershaw,  IT Manager, explained that Opt Connect faced a lot of friction between employees in the old office because of conflicts while booking meetings. 

"The old office had one conference room for 60 people. Honoring people's scheduled meeting times became an ongoing problem. Sometimes It didn't matter if you had the room reserved on the calendar; if someone was already using the room, then you had lost your spot.” Ryan Kershaw,  IT Manager.

In 2020 Opt Connect moved into a newly designed space that gave Ryan and his team the perfect opportunity to rethink how to best manage space with productivity in mind. After moving to a new office, the team was ready to start a new chapter—a new office with excellent design and optimized solutions for booking rooms.

“As we were moving into a new building, our CEO wanted to come up with a solution to improve room bookings. He expected our new workspace to have the WOW Factor.", Ryan Kershaw,  IT Manager. 



As a first step for deploying PowerBx workspace management solutions, the PowerBx team consulted with OptConnect’s IT leadership to understand the organization's space management goals, required Google Workspace Calendar integrations, and desired technology outcomes. PowerBx provided an OptConnect solution powered by Space IQ and three hardware displays: Two Lite Door displays and one Lite Wall display. 

OptConnect was so pleased with the PowerBx’s initial deployed solutions and overall experience that they expanded their technology infrastructure with two more Lite Wall displays to complete their office’s technology enhancement. With a total of five Room Booking Displays they’re able to organize the meeting rooms for more than 150 employees.



PowerBx offers the most comprehensive and fully integrated Space Management solution on the market. PowerBx team consults, integrates, and deploys leading software and hardware for world-class workspaces like OptConnect.

Opt Connect employees have noticed the positive change with the PowerBx solution. Meetings are enjoyed uninterrupted, there is less friction between co-workers, and more productivity across teams. Today, 40% of their employees are working remotely.  This fact largely accounts for the successful adoption of PowerBx's resource booking system among OptConnect teams since meetings can be scheduled more easily and with less conflict and greater transparency.