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Gang Box
Cat6 Ethernet Cable
Screwdriver + Level

When troubleshooting Wall Mount deployment issues, the most common problems our customers encounter are incompatible gang boxes and low quality ethernet cables that crimp or create excessive static noise across the network. The Installer Kit for Wall is our solution to close the loop and enable our customers' success. The included Cat6 Ethernet cable comes in a unique flat shape that enables the cable to bend without compromising connectivity.

The Installer Kit for Wall includes:

  • 1 Plastic Gang Box - Choice of Single (Best for our Classic & ICON PoEs) or Double (Best for our Gigabit + PoE Adapter)
  • 1 Phillips #2 Screwdriver
  • 1 9inch Level
  • 1 Cat6 Ethernet Cable - Choice of 1ft, 50ft, or 100ft cable