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The Zapp Pad Hotkey Pad adds functionality for faster transitions between rooms in larger video conferencing scenarios with Zoom

Operating System

Zapp Pad - Say goodbye to Zoom fails and communicate with confidence | Product Hunt

Zapp Pad - Hotkey Pad for Zoom Video Conferencing
  • Take the confusion out of video conferencing, Zapp Pad makes managing your Zoom calls easy. Featuring 22 different Zoom commands, including Mute, Start/Stop Video, Screen Capture, & more, so you can run Zoom with the click of a button.
  • Connect Zapp Pad to any Bluetooth enabled device to access all your favorite Zoom hotkeys in one place. Save time, feel confident, and take control of any meeting with quick access hotkeys. 
  • Apple OS/Windows Compatible 
  • Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Connectivity 
  • Quick Reference Icons
  • 22 easy-access hotkeys

Can I use an Apple Zapp Pad with a Windows device or a Windows Zapp Pad with an Apple device?

No, be sure to select the corresponding Zapp Pad for your OS. The Apple and Windows versions of Zapp Pad are not cross-compatible because Zoom software uses different keyboard shortcuts for each operating system. For example, the shortcut to “switch camera” on an Apple device is Command(⌘)+Shift+N, but on Windows the shortcut is Alt+N. If an Apple Zapp Pad is paired to a Windows computer, or vice versa, the buttons will not control Zoom. Instead, they will make an error noise when pressed.

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Say goodbye to Zoom fails and communicate with confidence

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