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Global Hotkeys and Zoom
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Global Hotkeys and Zoom

· · · 1 comment

Are you tired of wasting precious time navigating through menus during your Zoom meetings? Well, you're not alone. With Zoom usage skyrocketing during the pandemic, it's essential to optimize your efficiency, and that's where hotkeys come into play.

Imagine cutting your task time in half with a simple keyboard shortcut. That's the power of hotkeys. They allow you to perform functions more efficiently, whether it's copying and pasting text or managing your Zoom settings. And the best part? Every computer and application, including Zoom, has its own set of hotkeys waiting to be discovered.

But what exactly are hotkeys? In computing, they're a combination of keyboard keys that, when pressed simultaneously, activate a preprogrammed function. Some may argue about the difference between a 'shortcut' and a 'hotkey,' but for our purposes, let's consider them interchangeable. Whether it's a standard action within an operating system, like Ctrl-Alt-Del, or specific to an application, such as Ctrl-S to save in Word, hotkeys are designed to streamline your workflow.

Now, let's talk about global versus local hotkeys. Global hotkeys can be executed in any application or window, making them incredibly versatile. For instance, Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V work the same whether you're in Word, Excel, or a browser. On the other hand, local hotkeys are application-specific and only function when the application is open and in focus.

Zoom hotkeys are particularly useful for managing your meetings and settings on the fly. From switching to active speaker mode to toggling screen sharing, Zoom hotkeys offer a convenient way to navigate your calls with ease. But with so many shortcuts to remember, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. That's where the PowerBx Zapp Pad comes in.

The PowerBx Zapp Pad is a hotkey pad designed specifically for Zoom video conferencing. Whether you're using it alongside your keyboard or as a standalone device, the Zapp Pad simplifies the management of your Zoom calls. Plus, with the ability to connect to any Bluetooth-enabled device, you can access all your Zoom hotkeys in one place, making your video conferencing experience smoother than ever.

And if you're using Zoom on an iPad with a keyboard, fret not. Many common shortcuts are available to enhance your Zoom meetings further. From muting and unmuting your audio to managing participants, these shortcuts streamline your experience, allowing you to focus on what matters most.

So, whether you're working from home, the office, or anywhere in between, take control of your Zoom meetings with the PowerBx Zapp Pad. Say goodbye to endless scrolling through menus and hello to effortless navigation with hotkeys. Reach out to an Account Executive today to learn more about how the Zapp Pad can revolutionize your video conferencing experience.

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Hotkeys and Shortcuts typing

Shortcuts & Hotkeys

In computing, a hotkey or keyboard shortcut is a combination of keyboard keys that, when pressed at the same time, quickly activate a preprogrammed function. Some might debate that a ‘shortcut’ and a ‘hotkey’ are two different things. A Shortcut implies an intuitive, but more elaborate way to perform the action (like navigating through a menu). Whereas a Hotkey generalizes actions that can only be performed with that keypress. The difference is subtle, if non-existent. In general, these two terms are interchangeable and we’ll use them interchangeably throughout this blog.

There are three main ways Hotkey actions are created: 

  1. A hotkey action may be standard to an operating system (Ex. iOS or Microsoft).
  2. A hotkey action may be standard to an application program (Ex Adobe Illustrator). 
  3. A user (aka you) might write their own specific keyboard shortcuts to optimize and personalize a workflow. This is not common as doing requires knowledge of a scripting language and programming skills to communicate between programs.

Person typing

Here are a few examples of hotkeys you’re probably already familiar with:

*For iOS replace Ctrl with the Command key. 

Operating System level shortcuts

  • Ctrl-Alt-Del - closes an application or turns off your computer (use the shortcut once to select an application or process you want to end, twice to shut down the computer).
  • Alt-Tab - alternates between windows that are open on the desktop.
  • Shift-Del - deletes an item permanently (this item does NOT go to the Recycle Bin).

Application shortcuts

These shortcuts are particularly useful for text processing and file management activities.

  • Ctrl-S - save
  • Ctrl-O - open
  • Ctrl-N - new
  • Ctrl-C - copy
  • Ctrl-V - paste
  • Ctrl-X - cut
  • Ctrl-Z - undo
  • Ctrl-A - select all
  • Ctrl-I - make italic (this is italic)
  • Ctrl-B - make bold (this is bold)
  • Ctrl-U - underline (this is underlined)
  • Ctrl-Right Arrow - move the cursor to the start of the next word
  • Ctrl-Left Arrow - move the cursor to the start of the previous word
  • Ctrl-Down Arrow - move the cursor to the start of the next paragraph
  • Ctrl-Up Arrow - move the cursor to the start of the previous paragraph

Global vs Local Hotkeys

A global hotkey is like any other hotkey function except that global hotkey commands can be executed in any application or window. For example, take the hotkeys to cut (ctrl+x) and paste (ctrl+v). It doesn’t matter if you’re in Word, Excel, a browser, or desktop. Pressing the cut/paste keyboard combinations will execute the command just the same regardless of the application.

Local hotkeys, on the other hand, are application specific. They only work in their designated applications, and only if the application is open and in focus. For example, Ctrl + T will open up a new tab in Chrome, but in Word, it creates a hanging indent. You can search specific applications for a list of local hotkeys and how to use or customize them.

PowerBx Zapp Pad Hotkey Pad for Video Conferencing

Hotkeys and Shortcuts for Zoom

With Zoom hotkeys, you can manage your meetings and settings with just a few keyboard clicks. You can quickly switch to active speaker mode, jump into a chat with someone, or turn your screen sharing on and off.

View a complete list of Zoom Hotkeys here: HotKeys and Keyboard Shortcuts for Zoom

Zoom Hotkeys

Although Zoom hotkeys are handy, remembering every Zoom shortcut when you want to it is not an easy task. That’s why we’ve created a simple tool that lets you make the most of your video calls, the PowerBx Zapp Pad. This hotkey pad for Zoom takes the confusion out of video conferencing and makes managing your Zoom calls easy. You can connect Zapp Pad to any bluetooth enabled device to access all your Zoom hotkeys in one place.
PowerBx Zapp Pad Hotkey Pad for Zoom Video Conferencing
Whether you’re using the PowerBx Zapp Pad for your video call or manual keyboard shortcuts, all Zoom hotkeys will work the same.

Enabling Global Shortcuts in Zoom

Some Zoom hotkeys can be used as global shortcuts, which means they’ll work even when Zoom is not in focus. Global hotkeys are perfect for those times where you're in the middle of a presentation or classroom session and working in another program at the same time as your video call. Follow these steps to view and edit keyboard shortcuts in your Accessibility settings:

  1. Sign in to the Zoom Meetings desktop client.
  2. Click your profile picture then click Settings. Zoom settings
  3. Click Keyboard ShortcutsZoom Keyboard Shortcuts
  4. To Enable Global Shortcut, check the option next to the shortcut.
    Zoom settings

iOS Zoom Shortcuts

Not all Zoom hotkeys are available on an iPad, but many of the common ones are. If you are using an iPad with a keyboard, the following shortcuts are available for your Zoom meetings:

  • Command + Shift + A: Mute/unmute my audio
  • Command + Shift + V: Start/stop my video
  • Command + Shift + H: Display/hide chat
  • Command + Shift + M: Minimize meeting
  • Command + U: Display/hde manage participants
  • Command + W: Close the front window, such as the participants or meeting settings window

You can utilize all of the above hotkeys with the PowerBx Zapp Pad and a few more! The following Zapp Pad keys will work with your iPad:

  • View - Shrink and Enlarge Viewing Window
  • Camera  - Turn on/off camera
  • Capture - Screen capture active view
  • Mute - Mute and un mute your microphone
  • Chat - Show and hide in-meeting  chat panel
  • Participants - Display and hide participants panel
  • End - Closes Screen (ie participants), doesn't end meeting

Explore PowerBx Zapp Pad to save time, feel confident, and take control of any meeting with quick access hotkeys. Power your experience working from home, the office, or anywhere with Zapp Pad!

PowerBx Zapp Pad Hotkey Pad for Zoom Video Conferencing

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