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How You're Connecting Virtually
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How You're Connecting Virtually

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In 2020, we saw a huge leap forward for video conferencing. Now that people are connecting digitally more then ever, we wanted to hear about your experience.

Last month we sent out a short survey about video conferencing and we're excited to share those results with you!

Primary Video Conferencing Software

Primary Video Conference Software

When asked which video conferencing software you used most, Zoom came out the top contender by a landslide. We heard a lot of you appreciate a good virtual background while working from home.

Where You Typically Take Your Meetings

Top Video Meeting Locations

Most of us are working from home these days and that was reflected in your answers about where you take your video calls. A whopping 72% of you currently video conference from your home office and just 16% are taking calls in a traditional office.

Most Used Accessory Equipment

Most Popular Video Call Accessory Equipment

We wanted to know what accessory equipment you use to make the most out of your video calls. External webcams came in first with headphones shortly behind it.

The Best Part About Your Current Video Conferencing Set Up

We asked what you enjoyed most about your current video conferencing set up and the top answer was: It's simple and easy!

Most Common Technical Issues When Video Conferencing

Even things that are simple and easy can be improved upon, right? When it came to technical issues, the most common concerns where poor lighting followed by poor connectivity.

Spoiler, we have something new on the horizon to help with your number one video call issue!  Stay tuned for a smart solution to power your experience working from home, the office, or anywhere!

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