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Quick Tips to Make the Most Out of Your Video Calls
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Quick Tips to Make the Most Out of Your Video Calls

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Many of you us haven't had an in-person meeting in months as video conferencing becomes the new normal. Navigating video communication ettiequte can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be. Whether you're a video conferencing pro or just learning the ropes, these helpful tips will make an impact at your next meeting. 

Make a Strong (Internet) Connection

Imagine you're just getting into the important details of your meeting when your internet cuts out. Now you have to rush to reconnect or worse, reschedule. Nothing breaks down communication like an unreliable internet connection. Make sure your internet is dependable before starting your meeting. 

Master Your Software

Choose a dedicated video conferencing software such as Zoom, Google Meet, or GoToMeeting and get comfortable using it's features. Make sure you're familiar with all the key buttons such as mute, unmute, screen sharing, stop and start video. Don't forget, most VC software will allow you to test your video and audio before a call to make sure you're coming through crystal clear.

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Choose the Right Hardware

Make sure you have the tech to be seen and heard. Additional microphones, speakers, or headphones can make a huge difference in sound quality and help avoid dreaded sound issues. Most laptops have a built in webcam, but not all cameras are created equal. If your camera quality isn't cutting it, consider investing in a dedicated webcam instead.

Look the Part

Just because you aren't working in the office doesn't mean you should show up to a video meeting in your pajamas. Approach your calls just like you would an in-person meeting and dress like you would in the office. Take a moment before you're VC meetings to check your appearance and make sure you're feeling professional and confident.

Set the Scene

Background and lighting play a huge role in looking your best on conference calls. If possible, position yourself in front of a natural light source so you're face isn't washed out by backlighting. If your space is lacking in natural light, consider adding a video conference light to better illuminate your features. Make sure your background is clean and clutter free with nothing too distracting in frame. Don't have the time to tidy up? Try using a virtual background instead.

Stay tuned, we have something on the horizon to help power your experience working from home, the office, or anywhere!

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