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Perfect Last-Minute Tech Gifts for the Holiday Giving Season
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Perfect Last-Minute Tech Gifts for the Holiday Giving Season

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During the holiday rush, finding the perfect gift can be overlooked, but fear not! You can still make this season special with last-minute tech gifts that are both clever and considerate. As 2023 comes to a close and the holiday season kicks in, let's reflect on a year where working from home and blending work styles became the new norm. Ensuring your workspace is comfortable and conducive to productivity is more crucial than ever. For those in need of an upgrade, here are some gift ideas to enhance their work experience, not just during Christmas and Hanukkah but well into the future.

PowerBx Cable Management Kit

Start off the year with a neat and organized workspace, the PowerBx Cable Management Kit at $34.99 is the perfect companion for your power needs. Crafted from exceptionally durable and high-quality materials, this kit guarantees clutter-free organization for years to come. The cable holders, with robust self-adhesive sticky pads, securely attach to various surfaces like your desk, wall, baseboard, cabinet, or more. This versatile kit is tailored for efficient power management.

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Transform your small business by simplifying the deployment of wireless devices and surveillance cameras. With the PowerBx PoE Switch 8 Port, you can set up your network without the need for multiple power outlets, streamlining your office or storefront for a more professional and efficient appearance.

PowerBx PoE Switch 8 Port

PowerBx PoE Switch 8 Port

Efficiently distribute power and data to up to 8 connected devices with the PowerBx PoE Switch 8 Port. Priced at $129, this switch is perfect for small businesses looking to deploy wireless access points and IP-based surveillance cameras without the hassle of dedicated electrical outlets.Gain a deeper understanding of PoE vs. PoE+ through this blog.


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Upgrade your business or home security system with ease. The PowerBx PoE Adapter (Splitter) ensures a reliable power connection for your compatible devices, allowing for hassle-free installation and continuous operation. Keep your surveillance cameras and devices powered for enhanced security.

PowerBx PoE Adapter (Splitter)

PoE Adapter (Splitter)

Connect your devices to power and data networks effortlessly with the PowerBx PoE Adapter (Splitter). Priced at $99, compatible with iPad 10.2, iPad Mini Gen 4/5/6, and Samsung T220, this adapter offers seamless power delivery.


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Enhance your conference room setup for presentations or virtual meetings. The PowerBx Gigabit + PoE 3M Micro USB Extension Cable provides the flexibility to position your tablet exactly where you need it, ensuring a seamless and professional presentation experience.

PowerBx Gigabit + PoE 3M Micro USB Extension Cable

Gigabit + PoE 3M Micro USB Extension Cable

Extend the reach of your Micro-USB port by 3 meters with the PowerBx Gigabit + PoE 3M Micro USB Extension Cable. This industrial-strength cable allows you to power your tablet and position peripherals as needed.


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Explore Our Full Power Management Line

Discover more power management solutions tailored to your needs at PowerBx Power Management. Elevate your connectivity and power distribution with PowerBx's reliable and innovative products, ensuring a clutter-free and organized environment for your tech needs.


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While power management is crucial, various other gifts can elevate the remote work experience for your friends, family, or coworkers. One such innovative product is the Zapp Pad Hotkey Pad for Zoom Video Conferencing priced at $49.00.

Zapp Pad Hotkey Pad for Zoom Video Conferencing

Zapp Pad Hotkey Pad

Enhance your virtual meetings by gifting the Zapp Pad to a friend or coworker. With the ability to quickly mute, start/stop video, and capture the screen with a single click, the Zapp Pad simplifies Zoom management, making virtual collaboration more efficient and stress-free. It's the perfect gift for those navigating the nuances of remote work.


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Looking for a perfect gift for creating a professional and well-lit environment during video calls, the Hi-Light adds a touch of sophistication to remote work setups. Valued at priced at $39.00, this portable LED cube is designed to provide adjustable brightness and shadows, enhancing clarity and image quality while streaming.

Hi-Light - Fill Light for Video Conferencing


Ensure you always look your best during video calls with the Hi-Light Fill Light. This portable LED cube is designed to provide adjustable brightness and shadows, enhancing clarity and image quality while streaming.


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Cap off your search for holiday gifts with a game-changer in audio technology—the BM35 Bluetooth Teleconference Speakerphone priced at $339.99. Elevate your meeting experiences with unparalleled clarity and freedom from wired constraints, making it an ideal gift for those seeking top-notch audio solutions.

BM35 Bluetooth Teleconference Speakerphone

BM35 Bluetooth Teleconference Speakerphone

Gift the BM35 Bluetooth Teleconference Speakerphone to colleagues or friends who frequently engage in virtual meetings. This device is a game-changer, offering unparalleled meeting clarity and flexibility. Whether they are working from home, in the office, or on the go, this speakerphone ensures that every voice is crystal clear, fostering productive and effective communication.

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Still Unsure of What to Buy This Holiday Season?

Explore our diverse range of products, including visitor management, room booking hardware, hybrid office activation, and more at PowerBx Collections. Discover thoughtful and innovative gifts that cater to various needs, making this holiday season memorable for your friends, family, or coworkers.