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Hexnode vs. Esper vs. Microsoft Intune - A Detailed MDM Comparison For Elevating ASTRO
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Hexnode vs. Esper vs. Microsoft Intune - A Detailed MDM Comparison For Elevating ASTRO

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Navigating the dynamic realm of mobile device management (MDM) demands a thorough understanding of compatible services. ASTRO seamlessly integrates with three leading MDM services—Hexnode, Esper, and Intune. This article meticulously compares Hexnode, Esper, and Intune to highlight details on their differences and similarities in ASTRO compatibility. The goal is to empower enterprises with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions and enhance their device management strategy.

Understanding Hexnode's Contribution to ASTRO's MDM

Hexnode delivers a comprehensive Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution, providing centralized control over your enterprise's mobility. With a 360-degree approach, it enables monitoring, management, and securing of various device environments, including BYOD, corporate-only, and hybrid setups—all from a unified interface. Hexnode MDM caters to whole-enterprise mobility management across diverse industries like healthcare, education, finance, retail, and government, ensuring the secure mobilization of businesses and workforces.


Hexnode MDM Key Features:

• Swift Onboarding: Rapid device enrollment via email requests or self-enrollment through a dedicated portal.
• Centralized Management: Secure management of all enterprise mobile devices from a single control point.
• Effortless Configuration: Configure and deploy email, WiFi, VPN, and other settings directly from the admin console.
• Passcode Policy Control: Establish device passcode policies in compliance with enterprise regulations.
 Application Control and Restriction: Disable specific features like camera, YouTube, App stores, and Siri based on security needs.

Ready to elevate your device management with Hexnode? Experience seamless control and security for your devices. Try ASTRO + Hexnode MDM today and transform your mobile management game!


Esper: Modernizing Company-Managed Hardware with Next-Gen Device Management

Esper provides seamless end-to-end management of Android dedicated devices in a reliable, scalable, and adaptable infrastructure, making it the ideal choice for dedicated device deployments.


Esper Key Features Simplified:

Reliable Management: Experience Esper's reliability, precision, and user-friendly approach in dedicated device fleet management.
Effortless Provisioning: Quickly build robust and repeatable provisioning, including efficient over-the-air processes.
Remote Device Control: Remotely view, control, and debug devices from anywhere, ensuring effective device monitoring.
• Real-time Performance Monitoring: Leverage real-time observability to manage drift and ensure consistent device performance.
• Agile Software Deployment: Deploy applications with agility using DevOps CI/CD pipelines, enhancing flexibility in software management.

Unlock the full potential of device management with Esper! Enhance performance, streamline operations, and boost security effortlessly. Elevate ASTRO with Esper - the smart choice for modern MDM.


Microsoft Intune Simplified: Secure, User-Friendly Device Management

Microsoft Intune, part of Microsoft Endpoint Manager, offers streamlined device management with Zero Trust technology. Accessible through any browser, its user-friendly dashboard ensures efficient navigation. Cost-effective and seamlessly integrated with Azure, Intune is designed for easy adoption. Automate tasks with robust support for Microsoft Graph API, enhancing overall efficiency.


Microsoft Intune Key Features and Benefits:

 Versatile Device Support: Supports a broad range of devices, ensuring secure access with custom policies for Android, iOS/iPadOS, macOS, and Windows client devices.
 Effortless App Management: Streamlined app management covers deployment, updates, and removal of apps, supporting private app stores, Microsoft 365 apps, and Win32 apps, with customizable app protection policies.
 Automated Policy Deployment: Simplifies policy deployment for apps, security, device configuration, compliance, and conditional access, requiring only internet access on devices.
 User-Friendly Self-Service: The Company Portal app provides self-service features, reducing support calls by allowing users to reset PIN/password and install apps independently.
Integrated Security Services: Seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, prioritizing endpoint security and automating threat response.

Empower your device ecosystem with Intune! Elevate ASTRO's capabilities with Microsoft's trusted MDM solution. Seamlessly manage, secure, and optimize your devices. Take control with Intune for a smarter, more efficient future.


Comparing Hexnode, Esper, and Intune for ASTRO's MDM

Three Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions stand out when assessing ASTRO's options: Hexnode, Esper, and Intune. Each addresses specific needs, making a thorough analysis crucial to determine the best fit.

Hexnode: Comprehensive Enterprise Mobility

Centralized control for monitoring, managing, and securing diverse device environments.

Esper: Specialized for Android Device Fleets

Focuses on Android device fleets, bringing innovation to company-managed hardware.

Intune: Unified Endpoint Management with Zero Trust

Cloud-based solution supporting various devices, excelling in streamlined app management and automation.

In summary, Hexnode, Esper, and Intune cater to distinct needs within ASTRO's MDM. Hexnode excels in comprehensive enterprise mobility, Esper specializes in Android device fleets, and Intune offers unified endpoint management with a zero-trust approach. The choice depends on specific organizational requirements, industry verticals, and the desired level of device and application management sophistication.

Ready to elevate your device management strategy with Hexnode, Esper, or Intune? Contact us today to schedule a consultation and unlock the full potential of your ASTRO ALL-IN-ONE devices.