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Spiff - Sandy

Spiff - Sandy


Imagine you're deep in discussion during a critical meeting when suddenly, there's a knock at the door, halting the flow of ideas with the all-too-familiar interruption, "Is this room free soon?" Such interruptions were commonplace at Spiff, a trailblazer in sales compensation software, reflecting the growing pains of a rapidly expanding company. Based in Sandy, UT, Spiff has redefined how sales teams approach and view commissions, fostering transparency and motivation across the board. Between October 2020 and July 2021, Spiff's team ballooned, signaling the need for innovative solutions to keep pace with its development and the shifting landscape of workplace demands amid the pandemic. Enter Sean Jackson, Director of Information Security at Spiff, who recognized the urgent need for a smart space management solution as the company prepared to transition to a larger office. This move was not just about gaining more square footage; it was about enhancing productivity and collaboration without the constant interruptions that had become all too familiar.

PowerBx Spiff Case Study Installation DeploymentLike many companies, Spiff was working from home in 2020. As restrictions began to lift in 2021 and returning to the office became a possibility, Spiff surveyed their team to find out what employees wanted out of their work environment. Most folks weren’t ready to return to the office full time, but still wanted the flexibility to come in when it made sense for them. Sean knew hotdesking and room booking would allow for flexible work and the hybrid office environment they needed.  

After a bit of online research, Spiff landed on PowerBx for their space management solution. Sean called PowerBx and explained what Spiff needed directly with our Sales Director, Andrew Jensen. “Andrew was very knowledgeable and quick. I described what I wanted and Andrew said I know what you need,” Sean explained, “He had the solution, ASTRO. We wanted LEDs, we needed 5 of these. It was super easy. Andrew even came on site to see what we needed and worked out the additional details during the site visit.”
PowerBx Spiff Case Study Installation Deployment

Spiff wants their employees to walk into the office and feel like their workplace is tech friendly and modern. When folks walk around the building, they’ll see innovative and functional space management solutions that blend into the overall office ambience.

“I think people will just love it without knowing why they love it,” Sean shared.

Since deploying PowerBx ASTRO and Teem software, the feedback on room scheduling and hotdesking has been stellar. Folks love the workflow, the simplicity, the overall aesthetic and design of the tech.

PowerBx Spiff Case StudyThe cool thing about hotdesking and conference room management is that an employee can come from Brazil, be here for a month, and check out a desk for their stay, book meeting rooms as needed,” Sean noted, “With this move, we wanted to showcase that we’re leading edge tech. I see decking out our space in innovative and functional tech as “gilding the lily.””

When asked for final thoughts, Sean said, “Working with PowerBx has been great. Andrew is perfect, super knowledgeable and helpful.

 Spiff is growing and glad to have such a great resource so close and to be able to support local business.”
Sean Jackson - PowerBx Spiff Case Study
Sean Jackson has been in information security for over a decade, has spoken at multiple security conferences, and he once swam in the Atlantic ocean on a Sunday, then drove across the country to swim in the Pacific the following Saturday.

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