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ASTRO Data Sheet

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The PowerBx
ASTRO All-In-One Kiosk is a fresh take on office display systems, designed to meet the versatile needs of enterprise. The ASTRO All-In-One Kiosk directly integrates with best in class room booking and lobby management services and can be provisioned by our team to meet your specific requirements. 

ASTRO installs quickly and easily in new or retrofit environments, with a simple web-based configuration and cloud-based management. No control system or programming is required. Just connect ASTRO directly to your Cat 6 cable and the device is instantly powered, connected to the internet, and ready for use. Once installed, the device can be used with or without LED functionality to provide a visual indication of room availability and a view of its schedule.


PowerBx ASTRO Installation GIF
  • Classic design aesthetic for a stylish and versatile solution
  • Purpose-built for enterprise room scheduling applications
  • Delivers a superior and cost-effective alternative to using consumer tablet devices
  • Can be purchased through PowerBx’s Platform as a Service (PaaS) program
  • Directly integrates with various room scheduling services
  • 10.1” HD IPS display creates the best viewing angles  
  • Single-wire high-speed PoE or PoE+ RJ45 network connection
  • Enterprise grade security
  • Option for LED status indicator 
  • CE and ROHS certified