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Slate Headquarters Chicago

Slate Chicago


Slate is a renowned global investment and asset management firm renowned for its direct approach to uncovering potential deals, streamlining the investment process for its clients. Embracing a philosophy of challenging conventional norms, Slate stands out by uncovering, innovating, and seizing opportunities that others may overlook.

Central to Slate's ethos is the belief that people are the cornerstone of success. Fostering a vibrant entrepreneurial spirit and fostering collaboration, Slate prioritizes productivity through a culture of high performance, ownership, and accountability. Through this approach, Slate endeavors to create an environment where individuals thrive and collectively drive the company towards excellence.


Slate workspace  

However, as a growing firm with distributed teams in Europe and North America, Slate was facing conference room scheduling conflicts. This became frustrating as employees urgently searched for available spaces to support growth. Kristi Davis, an Office Administrator at Slate, remarked, “It was a guessing game if a meeting room was already booked," In order to position the firm for future success, Slate adopted PowerBx’s space management consultation services to decide how to best fuel their growth process. 


PowerBx began by consulting Slate on how to find the most practical and useful Space Management solution for their unique culture and workspace demands. Workspace design was also an important factor. After analyzing the requirements for Slate’s workplace, PowerBx implemented a combination of Indoor Finders software with Lite T220 Wall mounts to support the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite. This full, complete solution was deployed entirely by PowerBx, saving Slate time and money. And as a final result, beautiful displays with no cables visible.

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Employees soon realized that PowerBx’s solutions were more than an accessory for conference rooms; they are essential tools that increase team productivity and smooth workplace friction thereby increasing collaboration among coworkers. PowerBx’s intuitive “collaboration” software and visual displays  empower employees and allow them to focus on finding great investment and asset management.

Davis has witnessed how the collaboration between employees and productivity improved since implementing PowerBx’s solutions: "I love it. It makes it easier when it comes time for impromptu meetings. Nobody starts a meeting in a room that is already booked, and I can't imagine the number of inconveniences that have been avoided because of PowerBx.” 



Like Slate, PowerBx’s priority is people: those who fuel your organization and the clients you serve. Space management issues are preventable and have a direct correlation on optimizing your real estate footprint while directly contributing to improved worker productivity and collaboration. PowerBx equips your organization with tailoredt integrated technology infrastructure, facilitating productivity, a better workplace culture, and lasting growth. PowerBx is the leader in workspace technology integrations and the only comprehensive and fully integrated space management solution on the market.