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Compass Group

Compass Group


At Compass Group, are not just serving meals; They're crafting experiences that touch lives around the globe. As a premier food and support services company, they operate in over 40 countries, bringing delicious, high-quality meals to millions. Their extensive family of over 500,000 employees works tirelessly across sectors such as Business & Industry, Healthcare & Senior Living, Education, Sports & Leisure, Defence, Offshore & Remote, to ensure every dining experience is memorable. Driven by a mission to innovate and excel, Compass Group offers an array of dynamic dining solutions, making every meal an opportunity to showcase our dedication to excellence, sustainability, and customer satisfaction.lutions. 



 With the pandemic coming to an end, Compass Group employees are returning to workspaces. A main concern for the IT team is to guarantee that the common areas of their London, Ontario HQ were properly sanitized and that safety protocols were successfully implemented.


"Our challenge coming out of the 2020 Pandemic was how do we properly clean and maintain common areas as well as schedule meetings and book rooms, so there is minimal confusion and overlap with office associates," said Dave Clark, Sr. Network Delivery Engineer at Compass Technology. 



In addition to creating new safety measures, Compass Group needed to downsize offices from 200+ desks to 110. The IT Team evaluated and deployed Envoy software, one of PowerBx’s partners. Envoy is a robust and complete solution that manages hybrid workplaces, so everyone inside can connect, collaborate, and thrive. With products like Visitor Management, Desk and Room Booking, Envoy guarantees a collaborative office environment. This software was easily integrated with Office 365 for the London headquarters and the rest of Compass Group Canada. Most importantly, Compass Group needed a tool with visual alerts indicating if a meeting room was booked.PowerBx’s Astro was a clear answer, Astro is the most popular device for Room Booking with visualization. Astro was designed with a large 10.1" screen with a crisp resolution, sleek profile.  And, because it can be mounted on doors, glass, or walls, Astro doesn't take away from Compass Group's modern and beautiful workspace. This tool is essential for completing the collaborating and productivity cycle." 


"Astro eliminated the random room squatters and confusion with what associates had that meeting room and for how long. It also gave our cleaning staff a window to quickly clean each room before the next meeting," said Dave Clark, Sr. Network Delivery Engineer at Compass Technology.



Post-pandemic, our priorities have changed drastically, and the sanitation process in offices has become more strict. Astro not only enhances productivity, but provides solutions for managing workspace operations and wellness. Compass Group utilized these solutions and trained the cleaning teams to be notified when a desk or room had been used. This ensured that it was properly sanitized for the following day. Another good practice was implementing Astro for booking wellness rooms, spaces where employees can relax and decompress during a day of work. With this advantage, Compass Group is not only looking to reduce friction between employees but also is taking care of their health and safety. 



PowerBx is the #1 partner for ensuring a great place to work.. A strong partnership with Envoy helped solve workplace challenges faster, keeping employees safe while ensuring the business stays compliant and secure.