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The Value of Smart Offices: Squelch Frustrations and Increase Productivity
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The Value of Smart Offices: Squelch Frustrations and Increase Productivity

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When Greek philosopher Heraclitus said that the only constant in life is change, he probably wasn’t referring to the future of corporate offices. 

However, It’s true that change is constant, and our work environments are proof. Who could’ve predicted that traditional on-site offices would become home offices or a mixture of the two? 

In a global study conducted by Accenture, 83% of over 9,000 respondents said that a flexible office would be optimal for productivity, satisfaction, and growth. (The Future of Work: Productive Anywhere | Accenture) As the trajectory continues and more workplaces implement a hybrid model, employees will work on-site at least once each week, which means more face-to-face meetings and a greater need for available space.

As your organization evolves, so should your space management solutions. Effective workplace technology is key to managing that evolution, whether you’re on-site, remote, or a combination of both. 

Take Studio McGee, for example. The U.S.-based design firm was facing the challenge of a growing workforce and managing its large office spaces. Collaboration was needed on extensive projects, and easily locating available conference rooms was necessary for team productivity. Studio McGee chose PowerBx’s technology to fulfill their space management needs. After all, your physical environment should work for you. To read more about how PowerBx helped Studio McGee manage its office spaces, click here. 

To increase team productivity in your workspace and minimize friction, empower your people with the tools they need. An office can be more than a building — it can be Smart. 


Studio McGee Case Study


The relationship between the workplace experience and workplace satisfaction 

In the U.S., productivity has dropped dramatically. The Wall Street Journal recently reported the steepest decline in productivity in 74 years. There are a lot of factors at play here, but one thing is clear: when productivity decreases, the economy struggles to bounce back, which, according to WSJ, impacts the prosperity of corporations and individuals alike. 

While the relationship between productivity and the economy is complicated, people are more productive when they experience workplace satisfaction. In the same Accenture study, 40% of highly satisfied employees worked for an organization that is “digitally mature.” In other words, their company’s technology drove employees to be innovative and collaborative rather than frustrated and disgruntled. 

Recently, our client Cisco was named #2 Best Places to Work in 2021 for its exceptional workplace culture. At PowerBx, we believe that the right space management technology greatly impacts culture. Your success is ours, and your employees deserve the proper resources to thrive in their work environment. 

PowerBx is helping employees feel productive at work 

PowerBx offers practical solutions for empowering employees to be productive. Enabling employees with the right tools helps them focus on getting things done rather than finding the space to collaborate. With Astro Room Booking and compatible software, not only is finding space possible, it’s easy. 

What is Astro? 

Astro is more than a piece of hardware — it’s an essential tool for Smart Offices. Employees no longer need to worry if “Conference Room B” is available next Tuesday. Astro pairs with secure room management space software, helping people find and schedule available space. It’s easy and fast to install and can be mounted on walls, doors, or glass. With Astro, you can expect reliable performance and convenient resource booking from leading calendar platforms like Office 365, Exchange, and Google. 



A workplace with proper meeting spaces and defined processes is a pleasure to work in. According to Forbes, having refined systems and helpful resources is directly related to employee satisfaction. When curating an office space, employee satisfaction should be a top priority. Unsurprisingly, happy employees are statistically more productive, and PowerBx’s solutions give employees the devices they need to find space and save time. Frustration over the lack of available meeting rooms is a thing of the past with PowerBx. 

PowerBx is a facility manager’s best friend

Informed decisions are based on data. When assessing your organization’s P&L, rest assured knowing that PowerBx is partnered with software to give you insights about how your space is being used, what rooms are available, and who is visiting your office. No matter how your office operates or where your employees are located, the trends are available and ready to be analyzed.

How do I get started? 

PowerBx is the sweet spot where hardware and software merge to help you find practical and effective space management solutions. We consult with you to find the best software for your needs and  integrate the software and deploy the hardware that matches your space’s design preferences. To increase productivity, Astro + compatible software frees up ghost spaces by automatically releasing unused and abandoned meeting rooms. Book a demo or ask a PowerBx expert today. 

Solutions for your company’s future  

Sometimes, what sounds like a broken record is actually just the truth: change is inevitable. Yet, change doesn’t have to be a corporate death sentence when you’re ready to roll with the punches. Change can be synonymous with maturity, growth, and the drive to act Smarter. With PowerBx’s space management solutions, an organization can feel like a flowering ecosystem that’s embraced change and flexibility; you’re investing in your resources, knowing what that truly means —  you’re investing in your office space’s future.