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Finding Available Space Shouldn’t Be a Full-Time Job: How to Better Manage Your Office Space with PowerBx
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Finding Available Space Shouldn’t Be a Full-Time Job: How to Better Manage Your Office Space with PowerBx

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Your work nightmare just came true. On top of all your responsibilities, you've been tasked with leading an important meeting. You've worked tirelessly crunching numbers, building dashboards, and rehearsing your presentation. You're ready!

Just one problem… You can't find available office space with the necessary audio-visual equipment and seating capacity for your meeting. We've all been there. Finding open office space that meets your needs should not be a challenge or another task on your ever-growing to-do list — and it doesn't have to be. 

After all, our homes are filled with technologies that make things easier, and the office space should be no different. When things flow smoothly, whether you're remote, hybrid, or on-site, productivity increases, space goes unwasted, and employees benefit from the enhanced organization. 

Businesses need strategic ways to manage their spaces and utilize time — efficient solutions to empower individuals as the office environment evolves. That way, you can focus on nailing that important presentation instead of frantically searching for adequate space. 

Enter, PowerBx.

Why PowerBx?


Room Booking


PowerBx integrates space management software and hardware that fuel the workplace. PowerBx has several simple yet powerful solutions to help businesses leverage the value of their real estate.

With PowerBx, there's no need to hunt for software and hardware experts to implement technology. We make things simple for you and your business by assisting you through every step of the process: 

  1. Software Consultation: We work with you to find the best product for your needs. 

  2. Software Integration:  We integrate with your Office 365 or Google Calendar, provision room displays, and configure all your calendar resources.

  3. Infrastructure Deployment: We install fully managed, concealed, and tailored hardware that complements the architectural design and building specifications. 


So, what workspace solutions does PowerBx offer? 

Astro Room Booking 

Experience PowerBx's most popular Plug & Play display. Easy, simple, and powerful.

Apple & Android Room Booking

Transform any tablet into a modern Room Booking device that can be mounted on virtually any surface. 

Visitor Management

Visitor Management allows you to manage the entire cycle of visitor operations securely.

Space Management

PowerBx help you find the right software to manage your workspace and increase productivity.

Provisioning & Configuration

Make life easy for your Facilities and IT teams with our end-to-end deployment services.

Workspace Analytics

See the data for how your workspace is being used to identify occupancy, trends, and patterns.