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How Co-warehousing is Shaping the Future of E-commerce and Entrepreneurship
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How Co-warehousing is Shaping the Future of E-commerce and Entrepreneurship

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Non-traditional workspaces known as "flex/hybrid office spaces" are quickly taking over as the primary way people use office space. Even landlords, property managers, and traditional office buildings are aware that these trends are here to stay. Flex (flexible) office space is becoming increasingly common in people's portfolios because flex space, simply put, is the future of the contemporary office.

Flex offices come in a variety of configurations, but they all fundamentally provide employees flexibility in how they work while easing financial and operational burdens on the company as a whole. This also grants the employees the freedom to choose the ideal workflow for any specific project. Companies can now operate with lower costs on shorter-term leases, which gives them more room for strategic maneuvers. This is often impossible with a traditional lease. In a traditional workspace, there are offices, conference rooms, and cubicles, but neither the employee nor the project at hand determines how these spaces are used.

Also, the e-commerce industry is growing. Learning about flexible warehousing and fulfillment services has gotten more difficult as solutions have gotten harder to find. Due to the remarkable global growth of e-commerce, many companies are experiencing supply chain and logistical problems, particularly with last-mile delivery, which has a disproportionately high cost. Co-warehousing is now undeniably the hottest trend in shared spaces as a result of this. The newest coworking trend to rock the flexible workplace market is co-warehousing. Having a traditional warehouse requires signing long, multi-year leases, recruiting people for operations, purchasing costly machinery, doing maintenance, and paying monthly utility bills.


As a result, there is a tendency in the warehousing industry toward a collaborative economy and increased flexibility, allowing various enterprises to easily receive, store, and export goods from a common warehouse without having to deal with exorbitant rent, maintenance, or long-term obligations. In addition, regardless of the size of the firm, these spaces enable organizations to create a storage strategy that is tailored to meet very particular demands.

Employees are forced to adapt to the workplace in a traditional workspace, but a flexible workspace makes the workplace adapt to the workers. Flexible workspaces are not stiff, and they provide opportunities for creativity and teamwork in settings that can be tailored to the needs of the company and its employees.

PowerBx is a leader in workspace technology for flex and hybrid workspaces. PowerBx came up with a clever solution for a vacant commercial area. The company transformed the area into a live demo environment using Proximity Cowork software and PowerBx ASTRO display. This will serve the community as a co-warehouse/co-work space to support entrepreneurs and e-commerce businesses. With this, you can’t be left out in the rapidly expanding flex/hybrid workspace.

Powerbx Co-working & Co-warehousing


What is this Co-warehousing all about?

Co-warehousing is a novel type of storage that involves leasing space in a facility that is shared by several small firms that all create and export goods. It offers its members networking opportunities, office and warehouse space, as well as logistics services. In a warehouse, businesses can utilize their assigned space just as they would if they had their own area. For instance, PowerBx provides flexible fulfillment services, such as packing, shipping, and storage, to meet the needs of companies. With logistical support always readily accessible on-site, as well as with the aid of a conveniently available management and services team, the warehouse space enables you to sell, store, and ship your items efficiently.

A warehouse can be difficult to keep tidy and organized. Rent and other warehouse expenses can be costly for an enterprise to pay on its own. These concerns and other typical warehousing issues can be creatively resolved using co-warehousing. The ability to manage a warehouse collaboratively allows companies to do so. Additionally, it can assist these companies in cutting expenses and gaining flexibility without compromising the quality of their services. PowerBx combines the finest technology and logistics to offer flexibility and ease. With PowerBx, you have access to enterprise-level services, a thriving network of small business owners, and a temperature-controlled location for your products. Additionally, PowerBx’s offices can accommodate your team's need for a quiet area to work. Also, you won't have to worry about order volume or variability with PowerBx's flat monthly fee. For companies delivering fewer than 100 items each month, it's the ideal option.

Traditional Co-work versus Co-warehousing

Co-warehousing integrates co-working space (and all of its perks) with warehouse storage space, shared operating facilities, shared operating equipment, and shared logistical services. The co-warehouse not only has equipment designed for order fulfillment and warehouse storage but also has workspace leasing costs that are extremely affordable. While co-working may be fantastic for small enterprises, co-warehousing eliminates the hassle of remodeling, buying furniture, setting up the internet, and setting up utility accounts.

PowerBx HQ

Despite how great co-working spaces are, they do not offer sufficient locational and financial support for companies that sell physical goods. Contrary to co-working, which is frequently found in urban centers, co-warehousing is situated in industrial zones, where buildings are specifically made for warehousing operations and where expenses are typically lower. You'll need room for shipping scales, logistical equipment for moving inventory, and packing space for orders. You may occasionally need to lift bulky objects or pack more orders during busy times. It will be challenging to recruit staff and accommodate them into your coworking space.

How PowerBx is Using Co-warehousing to Shape the Future of E-commerce and Entrepreneurship

PowerBx HQ

Companies worldwide are booming due to the increase in e-commerce transactions. But as more people shop, the need for goods and quick shipping increases. As a result, businesses are continually looking for ways to improve productivity and satisfy client demand. Co-warehousing is a relatively new idea, but because of rising customer expectations and the development of digital technology, it will continue to change over time. Co-warehousing is the only way to accomplish the flexibility, improved visibility, and increased efficiency that warehouse operations today require. Here are ways PowerBx achieves that:

  • Flexibility: Co-warehousing flexibility makes sure that a shared warehousing agreement is made for a specific amount of time. A corporation may utilize its warehouse space during this time following the agreement. The parties may extend the agreement if it proves to be in their mutual interests. Alternatively, if the contract doesn't live up to a company's expectations, it can always explore new shared storage alternatives once the contract expires. 

PowerBx, which is situated in the center of a distribution core near suppliers, distributors, and manufacturers, offers full-service and flexible-term warehouse space. It has enough employee parking space and a decent last mile located in a densely populated area. PowerBx’s boardroom called “The Avenue” has been designed foster teamwork and productivity. It provides the perfect setting for holding productive team meetings with room for up to 10 people and an interactive whiteboard. Additionally, the workspace has "Dedicated Desk" stations, which are cubicle-shaped to provide privacy. They are great for a safe and dependable workspace because they allow for the addition of a second person at a smaller desk. You can also enjoy the convenience of having access to a fully furnished "office suite" with all the necessary devices for working independently and privately.

It's simply a matter of getting started right away. The warehouse apartments range in size from 300 to more than 5000 SF, and the lease periods are very flexible—you can rent for three months or longer. You can pay one simple flat monthly rate with no hidden charges whatsoever, and then shrink or grow your space anytime, depending on your business needs per-time.

  • Fulfillment: You may manage your business with the use of PowerBX's logistically enabled infrastructure. Additionally, the firm provides fulfillment tailored for expanding enterprises with over 100 orders per month while remaining adaptable enough to accommodate pre-launch brands. 

Combine your workplace with fulfillment, micro fulfillment, or another value-added logistics solution from PowerBx. PowerBx provides e-commerce business owners with space to succeed by providing private offices and warehouse suites with a focus on logistics.

All you need to do is pick a workspace and a fulfillment service, or go for a comprehensive package and pick both. No longer must you be uncertain about your order volume. You can pay a flat monthly fee designed for businesses shipping less than 100 orders per month or with order variability. You can rent a warehouse suite, an office suite, or both. Added to that are guaranteed security and comfort.

  • Efficiency and Control: One of the benefits of co-warehousing is control. To increase productivity, businesses can customize their co-warehousing space to boost efficiency. An organization in full control of its warehouse may ensure that the space has all the necessary features and complies with all operational specifications. You also have complete control over your product inventory if you keep it all in a co-warehousing space With inventory control, you can get rid of outdated products, and also pack orders, all in one location. The facilities in PowerBx’s co-warehousing are strategically positioned to ensure your products are directly under your control. PowerBx knows that this is crucial for startups. You have a front-row seat and complete access to the whole customer experience. Having direct access to your designated warehouse space will make it easier and less expensive to regulate any deviations that arise as you test and perfect your new product. Also, businesses can benefit from each other's logistics and transportation networks by sharing a warehouse, which can result in higher efficiency and quicker delivery times.

In addition to offering a temperature-controlled area for your products, access to enterprise-grade services, and a chance to interact with a broad group of small company owners, PowerBx offices offer a calm environment where your team can come together to concentrate on business. Growing your business effectively requires a tremendous investment of time, effort, and money. You can avoid becoming bogged down in the specifics of e-commerce warehousing by utilizing a 3PL (third-party logistics) supplier. Instead, you can devote your time and resources to other tasks like growing your clientele. Even so, your e-commerce warehouse may aid expansion.

PowerBx HQ


All of the aforementioned are given top priority by PowerBx, guaranteeing that you have a logistical solution at every stage and 3PL services for companies of any size, allowing your company to expand.


The retail industry has been effectively replaced by e-commerce, and it is expected to grow further in the future. The needs of today's consumers are changing, and storage must adapt as well. PowerBx co-warehousing facility is the first of its kind in Utah and is located in downtown Salt Lake. It is made to be a more affordable option for co-working space as well as a place for working, operating, storing, fulfilling orders, producing digital content, and delivering goods. Less expensive monthly rent, additional operating space, on-site logistics assistance, and cheaper last-mile deliveries are all great for small enterprises. PowerBx should be your first choice. To find out more, click here.