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Power Management



The Gigabit + PoE Adapter provides lightning-fast connection speeds to keep you up to date with the latest networking technology, kits includes all needed cables. Order PoE with or without cable Compatible with: iPad 10.2 iPad Mini Gen 4/5 Common Setups: For Wall- 16' cable, 90 degree For Door- 3 meter cable, Straight For Glass- 3 meter cable, 90 degree

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PoE Adapter + Gigabit Micro USB

  • Unlock the power of simultaneous charging and high-speed internet connectivity with PowerBx’s proprietary PoE Adapter + Gigabit Micro USB.  Learn more about PoE solutions here.


  • PoE Adapter + Gigabit Micro USB’s key features include:
  • Lag-free online experience
  • Rapid data transfer speed of 10/100Mbps
  • Simultaneous charging and uninterrupted internet through a single cable
  • Fully IEEE802.3AF Compliant
  • Alternates as Micro USB Gigabit + PoE adapter for iPad or various devices
  • DC 37-57V input voltage
  • 5V 2A output voltage
  • LED status indicator


  • Upgrade your hybrid workspace with PoE Adapter + Gigabit Micro USB to unlock a new level of productivity for your employees. Use this solution to enhance connectivity while using this product as a Micro USB Gigabit + PoE adapter for iPad if you want.