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Desk Light for Home/Flex Office

Desk Light for Home/Flex Office
  • Illuminate your workspace with the Lepro LED Desk Lamp, offering multiple lighting choices and advanced eye care features. With 3 lighting modes and 5 brightness levels, totaling 15 different light settings, this lamp provides tailored illumination to suit your needs. The frosted shade and long lamp head cast a broader span of soft light, efficiently reducing the contrast between your monitor and the surrounding area, creating a more comfortable environment for your eyes. 


  • Multiple lighting modes and brightness levels for customized illumination
  • Eye care diffused non-flickering lighting reduces eye strain
  • A sleek and minimalist design fits any workspace
  • Fully adjustable angle for precise light direction
  • Functionally protects eyes by reducing contrast and providing full spectrum, bright light
  • Standard size: 15.1 inches in height
  • Adjustable color temperature from warm to cool light