SONOS Santa Barbara

Sonos is a wireless hi-fi sound-system manufacturer that believes in changing the way people experience music. At the core of the brand’s culture is to amplify – to shift expectations and redefine realities, which is why they chose to have their headquarters in Santa Barbara over Silicon Valley. Sonos decided to occupy a series of commercial retail warehouses at the center of downtown Santa Barbara. All buildings are within walking distance to nearby shops and restaurants and they give their employees incentives to bike to work. The goal was to create an urban campus that reflects the brand’s world and is a positive influence downtown.

SONOS chose the Powerbx Classic Wall Mount in black for the iPad Air and the Powerbx Classic Door Mount in black for the iPad Air. SONOS runs Robin's conference room booking software to help their employees work efficiently.

We are proud to have SONOS as a customer for this beautiful office space and others. We are also proud to be the preferred hardware solution for Robin, to help their clients develop office management and  to intelligently manage their companies.

(Source: Shubin Donaldson)

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