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Unveiling Key Trends in Hybrid Work Across US Companies in 2023
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Unveiling Key Trends in Hybrid Work Across US Companies in 2023

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🌐 The work landscape continues to evolve, with hybrid models gaining prominence. Here's an insightful overview of key trends in hybrid work based on a survey of 1000 US office and knowledge workers conducted by TravelPerk and OnePoll.

📈 Hybrid Work Statistics for 2023:

• 25% of US companies now offer employees the opportunity to work from home half the time, a significant increase from 15% before the pandemic.
• The shift: Before the pandemic, 40% worked on-site full-time, now reduced to 31%.
• 62% of companies returned to their pre-pandemic working model.
• 71% of US employees express satisfaction with their current working model.

💡 Hybrid vs. Fully Remote:
hybrid vs remote
• 62% of companies reverted to their pre-pandemic model.
• 4% adopted a fully-remote model, while 16% embraced a hybrid approach.
Result: 5% fully remote and 25% with a hybrid model.

🤔 Employee Sentiment on Hybrid Work:

Pros: Less commuting, improved work-life balance, positive impact on physical and mental well-being.
Cons: Negative impact on mental health, reduced face-to-face interactions, potential issues with home office setup.

📆 Hybrid Work Schedules:

• 58% of organizations require more in-office days than remote days.
• 32% of respondents had to go into the office at least thrice a week.
• 48% of employees are satisfied with their current arrangement; 41% prefer more flexibility.

✈️ Remote Work Abroad:
remote work abroad
• Surprisingly, 33% of employees can work remotely from abroad for an unlimited number of days.
• Attraction: This flexibility serves as a job perk and can open avenues for business development.

🤝 Importance of In-Person Collaboration:

• Reasons cited by respondents for the importance of in-person collaboration include heightened productivity (51%), a sense of belonging (49%), and improved company culture (46%).
• Face-to-face meetings are essential for creative and strategic activities, with 34% prioritizing brainstorming sessions.

👥 Social Events and Team Building:

• Over 72% of businesses organize company-wide events at least once a year.
• The most common events include seasonal parties (41%), employee recognition events (39%), and in-office social events (37%).

🌟 Key Takeaways:

• Most companies returned to pre-pandemic models, with hybrid and remote options.
• Employees value work-life balance but miss face-to-face interactions.
• Different hybrid workweek schedules are successful, meeting employee expectations.
• A significant number of employees have the flexibility to work from abroad.
• In-person collaboration and company-wide events contribute to positive work environments.

🔗 Explore the full survey for a comprehensive understanding of the evolving work landscape in 2023: Survey Link

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