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Provisioning & Configuration Guide
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Provisioning & Configuration Guide

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This guide includes instructions and required information for device provisioning and configuration in preparation for site deployment.  

Please complete the following steps to start: 


Apple Devices

A corporate Apple ID is required.

1) Create a new Apple ID

*An existing Apple ID can also be used

The following information MUST be completed:  
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Payment Method
*no charges will be made, but payment method is required.

2) Schedule Apple ID Authentication Call 

Two Step Authentication is used for the following:
- Add the Apple ID to device
- Access App Store for Updates
*Passcode for any previously added devices will be requested.
Click on the calendar to schedule a call with tech support:

Android Devices (Ex. ASTRO)

1) Complete PowerBx's Provisioning Form

- Fill out Provisioning Questionnaire

- A PowerBx tech will reach on next steps.