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Nursing Room in Workplaces and How PowerBx Helps Booking It Simple
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Nursing Room in Workplaces and How PowerBx Helps Booking It Simple

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Creating a nurturing environment for new moms returning to work is paramount in fostering a supportive and inclusive workplace culture. Ensuring their comfort and well-being is not just about meeting basic needs; it's about valuing and recognizing their dual roles. The introduction of amenities like a lactation chamber is a significant step towards this goal, offering a private and comfortable space for mothers to pump breast milk. This initiative not only aligns with the broader trend towards more adaptable and considerate workspaces but also signals to employees that their well-being is a priority. As we move forward, it's crucial that workplaces continue to evolve, offering solutions that cater to the diverse needs of their workforce, thereby enhancing satisfaction, morale, and ultimately, productivity.


Nursing Room in Office


Companies like PowerBx, in this regard, can help you find the most suitable integrated hardware and software solution to locate and free up wasted workplace space and tailor your needs for the nursing room. The smart tools by PowerBx enable in-house provide essential occupancy data for your office space. 

Whether you’re a business professional, HR manager, designer or IT manager looking for a strategic way to include a nursing room in the workplace, Astro by PowerBx can help you. 

Keep reading to learn more about space management in your workplace, its laws, and what makes PowerBx's innovative product the best choice.

Breast Feeding- What does the Law Say?

The FLSA's overtime compensation requirements (the FLSA Section 7) do not preclude employees who work for FLSA-covered employers from the right to take breaks if they are nursing mothers, according to Federal Law. 

Even though FLSA doesn’t compel employers or businesses to give breaks to nursing mothers exempt from the requirements of section 7, they are obliged to do so by State legislation. Regardless of their FLSA status, the Department urges employers to give breaks to all nursing moms.

Unless businesses employ less than 50 people and prove that complying with the rule would impose an undue hardship on their operations or budget, they are subject to break time requirements under the FLSA.

How does PowerBx Simplify Booking Nursing Rooms in the Workplace?

Astro | Room Booking for Space Scheduling 

PowerBx makes integration of ASTRO in your workplace design extremely easy. The tool is great for a nursing room. It just needs a device to help employees or workers see reserved rooms ad hoc. It is a fantastic and comprehensive purpose-built room scheduling tool to help lactating mothers in your office book the space for expressing milk.

The all-in-one tech tool can revolutionize how you schedule space in the workplace. This world-class tool is creatively designed for room scheduling and can become an affordable alternative for the versatile needs of the business.  



It ensures technology inclusion with powerful space management features to help lactating mothers quickly transition into the workplace. The ASTRO by PowerBx seamlessly integrates with a variety of leading space management softwares to help you meet particular space-related requirements.

It comes with simple and easy-to-integrate cloud-based management and web-based configuration. You don’t need any additional requirements or programming. You can connect it with CAT 6 directly to get used to it instantly.

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ASTRO and Nursing Mothers- How Does It Help?

The ASTRO by PowerBx can be custom provisioned with leading enterprise office management software. It is, without a doubt, a high-tech space scheduling software to help you maximize workplace room usage.

ASTRO provides space utilization data to plan meetings more efficiently, book spaces, cancel meetings, or manage check-ins for your employees who are breastfeeding. The state-of-the-art tool works even if you’re not physically present around.

So, if you have female employees who have just embraced motherhood, ASTRO all-in-one room booking will:

  • Book rooms in advance for breastfeeding
  • Feel safer and more comfortable during their nursing breaks
  • Guarantee privacy, a comfortable environment, and no interruptions during the pumping session

Astro by PowerBx is a comprehensive and efficient tool that offers a tremendous intuitive experience for female employees and helps them feel safe when resuming work. Remember that a nursing room also contributes to employee happiness, which increases the chances that they'll stay engaged to the company. 

Additionally, it increases productivity and retention, retaining the high-caliber individuals in the company. Whether you turn the workplace into a hybrid office or upgrade the workspace design to make it more comfortable for lactating mothers, it demonstrates how much you respect your employees.



Summing Up

A fully-equipped and high-tech nursing room has become an essential part of workplaces and mandatory for the future of work. Astro by PowerBx is one of the tools designed to keep the comfort and challenges of lactating mothers in mind.   It helps businesses manage workspaces and meet different design requirements to make feeding mothers transition to work efficiently and seamlessly.