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Cheers To a Productive And Automated 2023 At Your Hybrid Workplace
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Cheers To a Productive And Automated 2023 At Your Hybrid Workplace

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Welcome to the New Year! It brings with it new changes and innovations. Modern workspaces have evolved, and PowerBx has developed solutions to meet these changes. 

Whether your workspace is remote, hybrid, or on-site, making sure things flow smoothly is vital. When everything is humming and in-sync, productivity increases, space goes unwasted, and employees benefit from the enhanced organization. The hybrid working model is especially increasing in popularity because the hybrid model encourages overall work-life balance, employee happiness, inclusion, and engagement. 

Because employees are able to choose when they work from home or the office, they’re able to interact with their co-workers in person regularly and to set a flexible schedule for their personal needs, which reduces stress and enables focus and productivity. Hybrid working models open the talent pool to a greater area, making it easier to draw from a diverse pool of candidates. Additionally, businesses save on overhead while maintaining their physical office spaces, leaving more funding available for employee-focused programs that create engagement in company culture.



The hybrid working model isn’t without its hang-ups, however. Logistics on coordinating office space within a smaller footprint can be tedious and inefficient and can waste time better spent with employees being productive.

PowerBx offers streamlined solutions to these issues. A few key considerations when looking to implement automated solutions in your hybrid workspace include:

Controlling access to the office spaces

Did you know that according to the Wall Street Journal, only 1% of companies track foot traffic, and 43% don’t track onsite attendance? The benefits of foot traffic tracking involve seeing trends in onsite attendance and visitor presence, which allows facilities management to anticipate the needs of employees and visitors during busier days. 

While these data points are invaluable, it gets tricky to collect the information and execute checking all the foot traffic without an automated solution. Questions arise like: How do you manage the arrivals and departures of employees and visitors without overwhelming the front desk and maintaining security? This is where the self-check-in solution becomes essential. 

The Wave Stand from PowerBx is the future of foot traffic management. The self-check-in feature allows employees and visitors to utilize a freestanding screen to check themselves in,  freeing up your front desk staff while letting you keep track of people in the office.



Hot desk and meeting space scheduling

In the hybrid work environment, there’s more fluidity of space. Hot desking allows multiple individuals to utilize the same desks on different days or at different times rather than assigning each employee a dedicated workspace. Hot desking management lets employees know where they will sit on any given day, taking out the guesswork and frustration of looking for an empty workspace, or managing a calendar rotation schedule. 

PowerBx leading software space management partners help book available spaces and communicate when those spaces are available. This helps inform employees’ decisions on whether to head into the office or utilize their home office space due to space constraints on any given day.



Collaborative space and meeting management

In addition to excellent space management software, PowerBx touchpad software displays availability of your collaborative spaces and meeting room locations, making it easy to determine what locations are available to book. The clarity provided eliminates conflicts over meeting space while delivering space equity.

While some hardware solutions can be clunky and unintuitive, the Astro room display from PowerBx does not have that problem. 

Astro is the pinnacle of collaborative space and meeting room management. Its sleek display looks good in any area and mounts to any wall material. It’s powered by PoE, saving energy costs and eliminating the need for unsightly wires. Astro is also compatible with elite room booking management software like Envoy, Eptura, and Proximity, making it a versatile, easy, plug-in-play space organization and high-class design. 



Managing the meeting

While Zoom revolutionized the remote meeting space, finding and accessing all the controls from a laptop screen can be time-consuming. With Zoom, meeting-goers may be found fumbling around for the screen capture/ screen share button instead of participating in the conversation.

The Zapp pad by PowerBx, used in conjunction with Zoom, eliminates this pesky problem. The Zapp pad connects to any device via Bluetooth and features 22 different Zoom commands. It gives access to all of the favorite Zoom hotkeys with a single touch, and it’s compact enough to pass around to multiple users instead of playing ‘pass the laptop.’ 



As an added bonus, smart cameras (like the ones at Cisco's state-of-the-art offices) can count the number of participants in the room during the meeting to track how the meeting room is used and how often. Additionally, the camera follows the movement of a speaker’s voice around the room, so remote participants are always included in the conversation. The meeting instantly becomes more dynamic and interactive for everyone involved.

PowerBx helps companies streamline and automate the hybrid work model so that companies can focus on programs that lead to happier employees and more productive and collaborative teams. The five examples above are just a few of the many ways automated solutions can keep the hybrid work model on track. If your company’s New Year’s resolution is happier and healthier employees and a more productive work environment, PowerBx software is the solution you’ve been looking for. Schedule a call today, and you can feel good checking one thing off that New Years' resolution list.