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Choosing the Right Mounting Option for Your Room Scheduling Display
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Choosing the Right Mounting Option for Your Room Scheduling Display

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Room scheduling displays have become an indispensable tool for managing meeting spaces efficiently. However, choosing the right mounting option for your room scheduling display can significantly impact its usability and accessibility. This comprehensive guide aims to help enterprises navigate through the different mounting guides for room scheduling display, highlighting the easy and fast installation options available for walls, doors, glass, tables, or floor stands for visitors.

Understanding Room Scheduling Display Mounting Options

Room scheduling displays streamline the process of managing meeting room bookings, ensuring that spaces are utilized effectively. But before reaping the benefits of this technology, one must consider the optimal room display mounting option that suits their office layout and design.

Wall Mounting vs. Door Mounting

Wall Mount for ASTRO

When it comes to wall-mounted room scheduling displays, they offer the advantage of being highly visible and accessible. Placing displays at eye level on walls near meeting rooms ensures that employees can quickly check room availability at a glance. On the other hand, door mounting provides a direct approach by positioning the display right at the meeting room's entrance. This method is particularly effective in signaling the current status of the room (occupied or available) and displaying upcoming bookings.

Glass/Mullion Mounting for Room Displays

For offices with glass partitions or doors, glass/mullion mounting for room displays is a sleek and modern solution. This mounting option uses secure fittings that attach the display onto the glass, allowing for easy installation without compromising the aesthetic appeal of glass interiors. The transparency of glass also means that the display can be visible from both sides, maximizing its visibility.

Table Stand for Scheduling Displays

EVO Tabletop Stand

Tabletop scheduling display stands are perfect for reception areas or open office spaces where wall or door mounting might not be feasible. These stands can be placed on any flat surface, offering flexibility in positioning and the possibility to move the display as needed. Table stands make the scheduling display easily accessible for making or checking bookings on the go.

Floor Stand Choices for Room Scheduling

Floor stand choices for room scheduling bring another level of versatility, especially suitable for large lobbies or buildings with multiple entrances. Floor stands can be strategically placed to guide visitors or employees to their meeting locations, offering a mobile solution that can be adjusted based on changing office layouts or specific event requirements.

Best Mounting Solution for Room Displays

Determining the best mounting solution for room displays depends on several factors, including the office layout, the type of meetings rooms, and the flow of traffic in the area. Wall and door mounting are ideal for a permanent solution in a dedicated space, while glass mounting offers a blend of functionality and design. Table and floor stands provide mobility and adaptability, catering to varying needs and spaces.

Room Booking Display Installation

The room booking display installation process varies with the chosen mounting option. However, manufacturers typically provide the necessary hardware and guidelines to ensure a smooth setup. It's crucial to follow these instructions closely to avoid damage to the display or the mounting surface.

Room Scheduler Placement Options

Exploring room scheduler placement options is key to maximizing the display's visibility and utility. Consider placing displays in high-traffic areas or at decision points where they can effectively guide room usage and enhance booking efficiency.

Choosing the Right Display Mount

Choosing the right display mount is not just about functionality; it's also about enhancing the workspace environment. The right mount should blend seamlessly with the office décor while ensuring the display is in a location that promotes optimal usage.

Door Mount EVO

Display Mounting for Efficient Room Scheduling

Ultimately, the goal of display mounting for efficient room scheduling is to provide a user-friendly interface that encourages collaboration and maximizes room utilization. Whether it's through wall, door, glass, table, or floor mounting, the right choice can lead to a more organized and productive workspace.


Selecting the ideal mounting option for your room scheduling display is crucial in leveraging this technology to its fullest potential. Each mounting option offers distinct benefits, from the visibility and accessibility of wall and door mounts to the flexibility and modern appeal of glass, table, and floor stands. By carefully considering your office's specific needs and layout, you can choose the most effective mounting solution that enhances room scheduling efficiency and workplace productivity.

Ready to optimize your meeting room management with the perfect display mounting solution? Explore your options today and transform how your workspace schedules and utilizes its meeting rooms.

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