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Glass Mounting Made Easy
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Glass Mounting Made Easy

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Transforming your office with glass conference room walls can elevate the space, flooding it with natural light and fostering an open ambiance. However, integrating a room scheduling system seamlessly onto these glass surfaces can be a challenge. Fear not! We're here to equip you with exclusive tips to conquer this challenge and achieve a clean and sophisticated deployment.

Say goodbye to cumbersome drilling and embrace sleek, hardware-free mounts like the ASTRO All-in-One or the LITE Glass Mount. These purpose-built displays utilize clear very high bond adhesive tape to affix directly onto glass surfaces, ensuring a clutter-free aesthetic that beautifully showcases your space booking software.

Now, you may be pondering how to conceal those pesky power cables. While routing power through the ceiling via a Power over Ethernet Adapter is a popular choice, you're still left with cables running down the glass. Fear not, as we present various cable management solutions to ensure a pristine deployment from every angle. Explore options such as the PowerBx Cable Raceway for fully concealed and protected power routing, or opt for the simplicity of Clear Raceway Tape, offering transparent strips with adhesive backing for a seamless installation. Whether you choose InvisiLight Clear Adhesive for virtually invisible cable deployment or Frosted Glass for added elegance and privacy, rest assured your glass conference room will exude sophistication while maintaining functionality.

 Glass Mount Guide


How to Create Collaborative, Productive Spaces with Glass Room Scheduling Displays

First, ditch the drill and opt for a sleek hardware-free mount like the ASTRO All-in-One or the LITE Glass Mount. Instead of installing obtrusive hardware on your glass conference walls, these purpose-built glass displays use clear very high bond adhesive tape to securely attach directly to glass surfaces. The end result is clutter free while showcasing your space booking software.

PowerBx ASTRO All-in-One Room Booking Display

Next, you might be wondering how you’re going to conceal your power cables. The most popular solution is to route power through the ceiling using a Power over Ethernet Adapter. However, you’re still stuck with power cables running down the glass. Not to worry, there are multiple options to conceal power and make sure your deployment looks clean from all angles. 

The following cable management solutions will help you achieve an easy and seamless space management deployment:

PowerBx Cable Raceway

Cable Raceway

If you can’t hide a cable in walls or mullion, but need fully concealed and protected power routing, Cable Raceway is the solution. Route your power cable through Cable Raceway for a professional installation.


  • Fully concealed cable
  • Clean Installation
  • Cable protection
  • Self-adhesive backing allows for easy installation

PowerBx Clear Raceway Tape
Clear Raceway Tape

Clear Raceway Tape allows you to quickly secure power cables utilizing transparent strips with adhesive backing. The clear protective polyurethane film is virtually invisible to the naked eye and applies directly over cables for a clean and simple installation.


  • Simple to use
  • Adhesive backing
  • Protects against UV light
  • Lock and load
PowerBx Invisilight Clear Adhesive

InvisiLight Clear Adhesive

InvisiLight Clear Adhesive enables fast, easy, and virtually invisible power cable deployment. Invisilight is adaptable to your business setting and can even be adhered between glass partitions for increased concealment.


  • Water-soluble, safe adhesive
  • Fast, easy installation
  • Dries clear, quickly
  • Adheres to common surfaces
  • Reposition-able during installation
PowerBx Cosmetic Vinyl Film

Cosmetic Vinyl Film

Cosmetic Vinyl Film creates a seamless look from inside the glass by concealing the back of the display completely. VHB mounting tape, cable ports, and hardware are hidden from the view of your glass conference room.


  • Provides professional clean install
  • Hides VHB adhesive, cable ports, and hardware
  • Leaves no residue on mounting surface
  • Available in black and white
PowerBx Frosted Glass for Room Booking

Frosted Glass

Frosted Glass adds a touch of elegance and style to any commercial space while professionally hiding cable and mount brackets from the inside looking out.


  • Hides VHB adhesive, cable ports, and hardware
  • Promotes Privacy
  • Energy Efficient
  • Enhances Security

Are you looking for a hardware-free room scheduler that looks clean from all angles?

Contact an Account Executive today at to learn more about PowerBx glass mounts and power concealment.