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Introducing LITE Door + PowerBox
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Introducing LITE Door + PowerBox

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This fall we said goodbye to our Classic Mount series so we could make way for new and improved innovations. Today, we say hello to the slimmer and more advanced alternative to our Classic Mount, the LITE Door + PowerBox.

The LITE Door + PowerBox delivers easy access, concealed power over ethernet with a sleek streamlined design. It's the magic room scheduler for tricky door mounting situations and the perfect compliment to your modern office, conference room, or lobby.

“While working on integrating space management solutions, we ran into many situations where placing a PoE discreetly in the ceiling wasn’t possible,” explains Andrew Jensen, Sales Director at PowerBx, “We wanted to solve this issue while still keeping the aesthetics clean and minimal. The PowerBox design is our answer. We created the LITE Door + PowerBox because it allows for all of the installation and maintenance to be done right at the point of the display.”

PowerBx LITE Door + PowerBox internals

The LITE Door + PowerBox is a great fit for any party managing room display installation or maintaining the displays because the PowerBox allows for all the PoE internals to be readily accessed at the display. PowerBox makes installation and future maintenance of the device easier while still upholding the sleek form factor of our popular LITE line.

PowerBx LITE Door + PowerBox

LITE Door + PowerBox Features

  • Power Management 
    • Ability to deploy with PoE in environments with open ceilings 
    • PoE contained at point of display for easy access 
    • Compatible with Gigabit and standard PoE devices 
  • Improved Maintenance 
    • Cat 6 dropped directly to display location 
    • Tapped screws holes allow easy post install access 
    • No ladder required for maintenance access 
  • Aesthetics 
    • Modern style, sleek LITE design 
    • Clean look from front and back when mounted against glass 
  • Device Compatibility 
    • Apple iPad Gen 6 Mini 8.4” 
    • Apple iPad Gen 7, 8, & 9 10.2” 
    • Samsung TAB A Lite T220 
  • Business Continuity 
    • Replaces PowerBx Classic Door Mount

Back of PowerBx LITE Door + PowerBox

The LITE Door + PowerBox is our minimalist solution to put your room scheduling software on full display while keeping your tablet safe, secure, and powered.

Ready to upgrade your room booking displays?

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