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We put our DFEND Antimicrobial Film to the Test
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We put our DFEND Antimicrobial Film to the Test

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For most of us workplace wellness is a high priority right now. Unfortunately high touch surfaces like door handles and elevator buttons are a breeding ground for germs. We introduced our DFEND Antimicrobial Film because most people don't have the resources to clean a surface each time it's been touched. 

Studies show copper makes an excellent antimicrobial, but we thought it'd be fun to see how effective our copper film really is against bacteria in the workplace. 


The Experiment

We tested DFEND, using pre-sterilized Agar Petri dishes, over the course of 8 days to see how it to stood up against germs from high touch surfaces around our office.

Each Petri dish had one side coated with our DFEND Antimicrobial Film and one side without. We swabbed cultures from multiple commonly used objects including a keyboard, door handle, phone, iPad, fridge, even a cough. The Petri dishes were kept under a heat lamp to encourage bacteria growth.

At the end our experiment, DFEND came out as the clear winner against office bacteria. 

DFEND Antimicrobial Film

The Science Behind our Copper Antimicrobial Film

Using Copper Ionization, DFEND inhibits 99.9% of surface germs between cleanings. The copper ions in our film attach themselves to bacteria, disrupting the cell walls leading the membranes to burst.

Copper is a superior biocide because it's effective at any humidity level or temperature. Copper's two ionic states Cu+ and Superoxide Cu++ make it extremely toxic to bacteria. 

DFEND Antimicrobial Film Application

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