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Customize Your Workspace with ASTRO 10.1 and Indoor Finders
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Customize Your Workspace with ASTRO 10.1 and Indoor Finders

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The integration of ASTRO 10.1 All In One with Indoor Finders stands out as a comprehensive solution for enhancing user experiences. This powerful duo brings together efficient space utilization, intuitive wayfinding, and personalized custom themes through the PowerBx service. Let's delve into how this innovative combination is revolutionizing the office environment.

Holistic Office Management with a Personal Touch

ASTRO with Indoor Finders offers an all-encompassing approach to office management. It's not just about managing space; it's about creating an environment where employees can thrive. With features like Hybrid Workplace: Desk Reservation, businesses can ensure effective social distancing while managing office space utilization.

ASTRO Indoor Finders

Finding Your Way and Your People

Navigating large offices can be daunting. Indoor Finders simplifies this with Indoor Mapping: Indoor Positioning & Navigation, enabling real-time indoor positioning. Additionally, People Finder: The Corporate Mobile Directory is a game-changer for visualizing employee contact information and seating locations on a map.

Streamlining Meetings and Collaborations

Booking and managing conference rooms is a breeze with ASTRO and Indoor Finders. The system allows you to filter rooms based on meeting preferences and amenities, ensuring that every meeting is placed in the perfect setting. The Conference Room Display Panel maximizes room utilization with check-in enforcement and meeting-ending capabilities, eliminating the hassle of overruns and scheduling conflicts.

Optimized Seating for Every Task

Seating Space Management takes on a new level of sophistication, allowing for the management of various types of spaces with real-time occupancy statistics. This functionality ensures that every employee can find a spot that suits their task at hand, whether it's a quiet corner for focused work or a collaborative zone for team brainstorming.

Different ASTRO Products

Planning for the Future of Work

Indoor Finders isn't just about managing the present; it's also about planning for the future. Move Planning: Scenario Planning visualizes move/block planning scenarios, helping to delegate seating blocks efficiently and ensure the office layout is always optimized for the tasks at hand.

Custom Themes for an Engaging Environment

The ability to personalize your workspace is crucial for employee engagement. Indoor Finders empowers users to create personalized themes that can be implemented across the entire company or tailored to specific rooms. These themes add an aesthetic touch to the functional environment, making the office space not just efficient but also a place where employees enjoy spending their time.

ASTRO + Indoor Finders Custom Theme

Seamless Integration with Enterprise Systems

ASTRO with Indoor Finders offers native support for enterprise systems, including Active Directory, Office 365, Google Calendar, Exchange, and SAML/SSO. This seamless integration ensures that your workspace management system fits perfectly into your existing IT infrastructure, creating a cohesive and interconnected experience for all users.

ASTRO 10.1 All In One, paired with Indoor Finders, provides a robust platform for businesses to manage their office spaces intelligently and intuitively. It's about creating a productive, engaging, and personalized work environment that caters to the needs of today's dynamic workforce. With this integration, companies can look forward to a workspace that's not only efficient but also a pleasure to work in.