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Back to the Office Tech Solutions
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Back to the Office Tech Solutions

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We've extended our offerings to include smart solutions to help you navigate reopening your office. Keep your workplace safe and healthy during COVID-19 with technology that can read temperatures automatically, monitor desk use, and limit the spread of germs. 

TEMP Thermal Reader - Quick Reliable Temperature Readings 

  • A simple social distance option to screen guests and employees for high temperatures.
  • Facial recognition used to collect real-time profiles
  • Mask monitering
  • Multi-site support
  • IWMS integration

 QR Pal for TEMP - Touchless temperature scanning and return to work screening in one simplified package

  • Enable digital COVID Safety Surveys via QR Code.
  • 25 Customizable Survey Questions
  • Custom Branding
  • Report Management
  • 24/7 Email Support 

    Shop QR Pal for TEMP

    DFEND Antimicrobial Film - Protect high touch “hot spots” with our copper antimicrobial technology.

    • Inhibit 99.9% of surface germs by applying DFEND to commonly touched surfaces like door handles, tablet screens, and elevator buttons.
    • Copper antimicrobial film is effective at any humidity level and temperature.
    • Copper's two ionic states (Cu+ and Cu++) make it a superoxide that is extremely toxic to bacteria
    • Easy and quick installation
    • Available in custom sizes

    RITE Office Sensor - Maximize your Desk Booking Software and Confirm when Resources are Utilized

    • Multifunctional occupancy sensor
    • LED visualization peripheral (optional)
    • PoE gateway hub
    • Mount anywhere with double sided adhesive tape or screws
    • CR2032 battery or optional DC battery brick 

    Portal Entryways - Completely Touchless Door Opening

    Portal Entryways

    • Easily retrofit motorized swing doors to allow building entry without spreading germs
    • Universal design with minimal hardware.
    • Simple installation - any low-voltage integrator can install in less than an hour 

    Sneeze Guards - Physical Barriers to Stop the Spread of Germs

     Sneeze Guard

    • Portable Protection
    • 100% Acrylic
    • Easy set up and removal
    • Multi-sided barrier perfect for desk and counters
    • Options available for spaces that can’t accommodate a surface mounted guard

    Shop 100% acrylic, made in the USA, sneeze guards


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