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Access Control with PowerBx ICON LED
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Access Control with PowerBx ICON LED

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The ICON LED Mount was designed with room booking software in mind and that's been it's primary purpose in offices around the world... Until GDS Telecom approached us with an interesting opportunity to support a technology integration for their 30 building project on the East Coast.

GDS Telecom is a carrier agnostic, full service communications consulting company that offers a wide range of telecommunications solutions and services. Each of the 30 buildings in their project has a dedicated coworking space with roughly 6 break-out rooms in each coworking area. GDS was looking for a multipurpose LED lighted scheduling display to manage these spaces. They needed a room management solution that could be synced with each building’s access control network so that meeting rooms would remain locked until a meeting was booked and the meeting time had arrived. 

As an industry leader in integrated space management tools and resources that power business experience, we at PowerBx specialize in tailored room display, power, and network solutions. Working closely with GDS Field Technicians, we developed a relay control running in parallel with our ICON LED electronic assembly that is recognizable to the building’s server access control network. Just like that, our ICON went from a simple LED room booking enclosure to a low cost access control solution. 

Relay Control PCB Board

When it came to choosing room booking software for GDS's project, Teem was a natural choice. PowerBx has a proven track record and long established relationship with Teem by iOffice and the Teem Eventboard software works seamlessly with our ICON LED enclosures.

The complete solution running Teem software on iPads, housed in PowerBx ICON LED enclosures, provides visual room indicators and mobile management of conference rooms. Using the custom relay circuit developed specifically for this project, each conference room will remain locked when not in use and only unlock when booked for a specific time. Offsite and third-party management can control room access while still maintaining a high level of security and control within the building itself.

With PowerBx, GDS found the tailored solution they needed to better manage coworking spaces and control room access for their 30 building project.

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