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CISCO Room Navigator Door Bracket Data Sheet


Installation Guide: CISCO Door Bracket


The Cisco Webex Room Navigator control unit is an intuitive device designed to give you access to several room controls, such as controlling Cisco videoconferencing systems, booking a room and controlling amenities within the room. This touch-based unit is optimized for an effortless user experience - from launching and ending a video or audio conference, to sharing content, and viewing contact lists and directories.

The Cisco Webex Room Navigator control unit enhances the ease of connection and communication by providing instant access to meeting, contacts, directories, and content. It supports two positions on the table with different angles, including a 180-degree rotation of the user interface when the device is tilted. Only one cable is needed to power the units and network access. The Room Navigator can be connected directly to a Webex Room device or remotely paired to it when plugged on a PoE network.

Tech Specs

  • Table stand version
  • display
  • 10.1"
  • for Webex Board 55
  • Board 85
  • Room Kit with Touch 10
  • Video conference system remote control
  • LCD
  • cable
  • Board 70
  • Room 55
  • Room Panorama