Stitch Fix Austin

Stitch Fix hired STG Design to create a similarly fashion-forward interior for its new Austin office space. The interior design reflects a neutral color palette with varied textures and patterns giving the space depth and interest.

Corporate color branding is infused in a variety of ways throughout, including gypsum ceiling accents, doors, accent furniture and accessories. The furniture design combines both commercial and residential pieces which, in turn, keep the interior fresh, modern and hip.

Stitch Fix chose the Powerbx ICON LED door mounts in silver with the iPad button covered. Stitch Fix uses iPad Mini's to run Teem's conference room booking software.

We are proud to have Stitch Fix as a customer for this beautiful office space. We are also proud to be the preferred hardware solution for Teem, to help their clients develop workplace analytics to intelligently manage their companies.

 Photo courtesy of Office Snapshots.

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