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Total Experience Employee Management: Best Practices with PowerBx
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Total Experience Employee Management: Best Practices with PowerBx

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Business executives are beginning to recognize the beneficial effects of digital transformation and are working tirelessly to expand their organizations. The top request from CEOs to CIOs, according to The 2021 Gartner CEO and Senior Business Executive Survey, is "digitalization," as CEOs count on CIOs and their teams to "define and create a framework for the use of technology." According to the report, developing digital initiatives boosts employee productivity (57%) and customer experience (58%)—categories that were both drastically altered by the Covid-19 outbreak and its impacts.

While some organizations continue to make the mistake of concentrating solely on their customer experience (CX) management to provide the highest level of service and receive the required response, other organizations have been able to realize that this is not the only experience that has an impact on their organizations. Some organizations have figured that customer experience is influenced by employee experience (EX) and performance.

Corporate decision-makers would encourage you to constantly treat your employees in the same way that you want them to treat your best clients. The best practices for managing complete employee experiences are discussed in this article, particularly in hybrid (or remote) environments. Read on to discover more.



What is Total Employee Experience?

Total employee experience, or EX for short, is a broad concept that can be interpreted from various perspectives regarding how an employee interacts with a company. Total EX is the total of all the encounters that an employee has with a company during their employment. This covers the time they initially become aware of an organization, the duration of their time there, their resignation or completion after their stay, and everything in between.

Employee experience is of increasing importance to future and existing employees alike. It concerns how workers are handled and whether they feel appreciated. While benefits and financial incentives might temporarily motivate employees, restructuring an organization so that its people are at the core of its strategy is more effective in fostering a happy employee experience. The workplace, company culture, and technology are all significant factors in the employee experience. Employers should pay attention to these components because they affect how employees interact with your brand and how they view the organization.


Employee experience chart


A worker must be certain that they can offer a customer high-quality service without being constrained by the organization's workspace, technology, or culture. An organization that effectively manages the employee experience will undoubtedly do far better than its competitors. Thus, managing the total employee experience is crucial.

Total Employee Experience Management: The Repackaged HR Management

The term "employee experience management" is frequently used to refer to employee-support roles in an organization. In fact, a lot of what employee experience managers perform is just repackaging HR duties, like setting up orientation programs for new hires and planning training sessions. In comparison to traditional human resource management, effective employee experience management covers a far more comprehensive range and empowers employees' experiences with more remarkable personal and professional growth.

To ascertain how engaged and satisfied employees are with their tasks, employee-experience management comprises monitoring and evaluating daily workflow, office aesthetics, and employee surveys. Employee experience management also enthralls and inspires workers by cultivating their brand loyalty through both cognitive and emotional immersion in the firm.


Human Resources

Benefits of Total Employee Experience Management

Managers used to concentrate most of their HR efforts on employee engagement. While this is still crucial since it boosts productivity, modern employees also want to feel appreciated, valued, and a part of a team. A positive employee experience may even lead to increased employee engagement. The benefit of putting employee needs first is that it frequently boosts performance and engagement, facilitates hiring, improves customer satisfaction, and encourages staff retention.

Best Practices with PowerBx

  • Five-Star Onboarding
  • Setting the proper tone for the connection between the employee and the business begins with the onboarding process. Lackluster onboarding can leave new workers feeling bewildered, alienated, or even resentful of their new employer. These feelings can easily permeate throughout an entire workforce if left unchecked. In contrast, successful onboarding prepares staff for a positive, productive working experience.

    So, from the time they start working, every new employee has to feel appreciated and included. For your prospective employees, the PowerBx Visitor Management Software creates a personalized and simple guest experience. Also, your present workers will feel safe because you can secure your workspaces by keeping track of every visitor to your premises in real time from anywhere in the world.

    Since PowerBx can give you the tools to make your remote conference video sessions effective, the interview and onboarding processes can really be completed remotely. Employees also desire access to tools and necessities like setting up company accounts or enrolling in benefits so they can get to work right away and avoid wasting time. PowerBx simplifies employee onboarding while eliminating help desk inquiries for services and applications.

  • Workspace Data
  • The workplace itself is a key component of EX. While surveys can provide a lot of information regarding employee views toward the workplace, you can also obtain factual evidence. If you provide meeting tools to your staff, for instance, you may keep an eye on utilization or look at card reader data to determine whether staff members are making use of the resources. PowerBx meeting tools don't just allow seamless meetings, they go further to generate data. PowerBx then presents that data for you in reports that are simple to comprehend and contain dynamic recommendations tailored to your company's activity. This helps you better understand your space utilization, meeting behavior, and other factors.

    In order to allocate resources with data-driven knowledge, PowerBx workplace analytics solutions keep track of who is present in the office and monitor when and how they use the area. This enables collaboration and efficient work by assisting you in anticipating the demands of your visitors and employees.

  • Corporate Communications
  • Engagement and corporate communications, such as facilitating employee training and brainstorming meetings, will enhance the employee experience. All of these are taken into account by PowerBx in order to offer organizations solutions that enable employees to interact with both the company and their coworkers in an effortless manner. Examples include collaboration, project management, and general business utility tools like video conferencing. They allow workers the chance to be heard, and the organization can promptly take employee feedback into account by coming up with workable, credible solutions.


    Happy employees


    Throughout the day and workweek, a variety of elements influence the employee experience. An employee might, for instance, have a fruitful and interesting performance review with their manager, which enhances their general job satisfaction and results in a positive employee experience. In another vein, they might experience issues connecting their new cell phone to the company's email servers. Such occurrences result in unpleasant encounters, which cause frustration and work discontent.

    This is why organizations are looking at the total employee experience and developing methods to promote pleasant interactions, stop unfavorable employee impressions, and guarantee staff engagement and happiness. PowerBx is available to help you achieve all of these flawlessly. Don’t be left out!