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Proximity – The Key to Enhanced Co-working Space Management
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Proximity – The Key to Enhanced Co-working Space Management

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Proximity emerges as a significant player in this domain. Designed to cater to the unique needs of small to mid-sized businesses, ProximitySpace stands out as a comprehensive solution for streamlining co-working space management, including door access control, membership billing, and conference room bookings. This guide delves into the features, benefits, and considerations of using the Proximity to optimize collaboration co-working spaces.

Key Benefits of Proximity Software

1. Efficient Management of Co-working Spaces:

  • ProximitySpace simplifies complex tasks like booking conference rooms and managing billing processes, making it easier for businesses to focus on their core activities.

2. Tailored for Small to Mid-Sized Businesses:

  • The software is specifically designed to meet the demands of small to mid-sized businesses, offering a targeted and effective solution for their unique challenges.

Key Features of Proximity Software

1. Flexible Implementation:

  • Proximity Space supports cloud, SaaS, and web-based platforms, ensuring easy access and flexibility across various business models.

2. Comprehensive Space and Room Management:

  • The software offers robust features for online booking and overall space management, streamlining the scheduling and usage of co-working spaces.

3. Enhanced Visitor Management:

  • With visitor management capabilities, ProximitySpace ensures a secure environment within co-working spaces.

4. Support for Commercial Properties:

  • The software includes features like floor plans, maps, and occupancy management, making it ideal for commercial property management.

5. Maintenance Management:

  • Maintenance operations are efficiently assessed and planned, contributing to the longevity and upkeep of physical assets.

Pricing and Affordability

ProximitySpace offers tailored pricing solutions starting at $249/month for hybrid workplaces. This plan includes robust business management tools, making it a cost-effective option for businesses transitioning to hybrid work models. For the real estate sector, personalized quotes are available to suit evolving workforce needs and transform commercial properties into flexible workspaces.

Potential Limitations

While Proximity Space offers numerous benefits, users should be aware of certain limitations, such as the absence of publicly available pricing details, which might pose a challenge for those seeking immediate cost information.


ProximitySpace solution provides an effective way to manage co-working spaces and shared offices. Its focus on small to mid-sized businesses, along with features like visitor management and maintenance planning, make it a robust tool for enhancing collaboration and productivity in dynamic scheduling environments. The tailored pricing solutions further add to its appeal, offering businesses an opportunity to optimize their co-working spaces efficiently and securely.


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