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A Letter from the CEO of PowerBx
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A Letter from the CEO of PowerBx

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To the Clients and Partners of PowerBx, LLC: 

2020-2021 has been extraordinary by any measure; together we have weathered a pandemic, a global recession, turbulent politics, and deeply felt social and racial injustice. These challenges were personal and no one was immune. I could not be more proud of my team and our achievements, along so many others, both collectively and individually throughout this trying time.

We have long championed the essential role of integrated technology in the workplace - its potential to bring people together, to enable companies and individuals to reach for their dreams, and to enhance and scale the talents of the collective. Those opportunities were powerfully presented to us over the past few years. I get excited thinking about how far we have come and continue to step up to lead the future of office innovation! 

I’ll discuss some of these themes in this letter: 

Device Support  

PowerBx has a long history of supporting both Samsung and Apple tablets. Early in 2021 we released hardware compatible with Galaxy Tab S7 (T220) and we project to begin shipping hardware for Apple Gen 6 iPad Mini within the next 45 days.

Most exciting was our February announcement of ASTRO, our all-in-one tablet. ASTRO is purpose-built for enterprise office environments and ships fully provisioned with your choice of leading space management software configured to spec. 

Our ASTRO conference room display boasts fully integrated PoE+ Data, comes Wifi enabled, avoids ALL the annoying Apple updates, and could not be easier to install and maintain on the network. Did I mention it’s LED compatible?

By end of year we will announce our new TFT (thin-film-transistor) LCD touch display. This single-purpose device, similar to ASTRO, is aimed at enabling hybrid work where desking and general resource scheduling is in high demand. 

Web 3.0

Ok, not really, but it is active in my mind and will impact the future of office technology and facilities management. To get a glimpse of what is in store; check out this Bloomberg article, “Microsoft’s Own Metaverse Is Coming, and It Will Have PowerPoint”. Accenture has already used Microsoft to create a ‘digital twin’ of its headquarters. 

There are a few sandbox items that we will soon be sharing with you to spur the conversation and solicit feedback on the immersive future of the meta office. 

What you can expect immediately is a complete refresh to our Web 2.0 website that better reflects the value we create for the clients and partners we serve. My team has made tremendous progress expanding services, fine tuning partnerships, and streamlining a traditionally complex and messy technology integration journey. I can confidently say that PowerBx simplifies room scheduling deployments, saving everyone time and headaches.

Turn-Key Office Tech

PowerBx does it differently. We have consistently emphasized the value of a holistic, single-invoice approach when deploying an integrated workspace management system (IWMS). Office environments are sophisticated, wiring is endless, and network signals can easily create noise that affects software and hardware if not isolated for the job at hand.  

My team continues to diligently define and own each element of the deployment and integration process. Our goal is to ensure company wide adoption and make those we work with look like rockstars! The experience we give our clients and partners is truly turn-key.  

Here are a few things that make the PowerBx experience different:

  • Collaborative and consultative sales process
  • Dedicated Project Manager 
  • Provisioning/Configuration
    • Apple Business Manager Setup
    • Device Configuration 
    • MDM Registration 
    • Software (app/apk) Installation 
    • Software configuration per client requirements
      *employees > buildings > floors > resources 
    • Receive 100% plug and play device 
  • Installation/Deployment Coverage
    • Domestic: Everywhere and some parts of Canada 
    • International: Europe, India, and select regional territories
  • Network Support 
    • We are able to structure a tailored server side network plan that ensures server reliability, reduces downtime, and expedites maintenance through Isolated Subnet Testing, Network Log Reports, etc. 

Supply Chain & Inflation

Since the pandemic, just-in-time production has been disrupted across the globe and low cost production has been challenged by worker shortages, logistic constraints, and price increases. 

PowerBx has established a diversified supply chain with factories based in both the US and Asia. Our supplier relationships are strong and flexible, allowing us to meet the growing demands of the hybrid office and squarely confront the geo-political challenges ahead. We continue to find creative means to collaborate and execute on office technology solutions, even if this means spending additional dollars. 

We do not believe global supply constraints are short-term in nature and are seeing broader shifts that we expect to last into mid-2023. With the best interest of our clients and partners in mind, we are getting creative and taking decisive action to best meet office technology demands throughout this broadly felt supply chain restructuring.  

  • Beginning December, 1 2021 a global price change will be made effective.  
    • New pricing is visible on our website now. 
    • New terms and conditions will accompany the effective change date. 
    • Current Pricing will be respected for current partners through the end of November. 
  • We will continue to emphasize our USA made products.
  • Lead times for all core domestic products will remain unchanged; outside inflation we do not expect raw material shortages. 
  • Logistical changes will be made to our international supply chain to avoid bottlenecks and lower exorbitant transportation costs on select products. 
  • We will work closely with clients/partners to forecast demand planning and prioritize projects and avoid unnecessary lead times.

Click Here to View Our Updated Pricing

I couldn’t be more pleased with the team we’ve built at PowerBx and the synergistic energy I see daily applied to the technology projects we deploy across the globe. I have no question that clients and partners alike share a similar appreciation for the hard work and dedication that goes into supporting workplace technology in enterprise office environments. 

We appreciate your ongoing support and look forward to contributing to a bright future! 

Kyle Muir, CEO of PowerBx

Kyle Muir, CEO of PowerBx