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Joan: Revolutionizing Workspace Management with Sustainable ePaper Displays
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Joan: Revolutionizing Workspace Management with Sustainable ePaper Displays

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Joan stands out as a beacon of innovation, sustainability, and user-friendliness. As work environments continue to evolve, particularly with the rise of hybrid models, the need for efficient room scheduling solutions has become more pronounced than ever. Joan, with its focus on cutting-edge ePaper displays, offers a solution that combines aesthetic appeal with environmental responsibility, making it an ideal choice for tech companies, particularly those undergoing relocation or looking to modernize their workspace management.

Streamline your hybrid workplace with Joan displays and solutions

Key Features of Joan

  1. Sustainable ePaper Technology: Joan employs ultra-sustainable ePaper displays, a hallmark of its commitment to environmental stewardship. These displays consume minimal power and are made from recyclable materials, offering a green solution to workspace management.
  2. User-Friendly Solutions: Designed with simplicity in mind, Joan’s interface is remarkably easy to use. Whether booking rooms or managing schedules, users enjoy a seamless experience that complements the modern workplace’s pace.
  3. Versatile Integration: Seamlessly integrating with popular calendaring systems like Google Calendar and Microsoft 365, Joan ensures a smooth transition between remote and in-office work environments.
  4. Customization and Branding: Joan devices can be personalized to reflect a company's visual identity, adding a unique touch to the workspace while maintaining functional integrity.
  5. Exceptional Battery Life: The ePaper technology not only offers sustainability but also ensures long battery life, reducing maintenance needs and enhancing operational efficiency.

The Ideal Use Case

For Tech Companies in Relocation: Joan is particularly suitable for technology companies undergoing relocation. Its ease of installation and integration makes it an excellent choice for organizations looking to set up efficient workspace management systems in new locations.

Sustainable Workplaces: Companies prioritizing sustainability will find Joan's eco-friendly features aligned with their environmental goals, making it an ideal choice for green-conscious organizations.

Benefits of Choosing Joan

  1. Improved Space Utilization: Joan helps optimize the use of meeting rooms and workspaces, ensuring efficient use of office real estate.
  2. Enhanced Employee Experience: By simplifying the process of room booking and management, Joan contributes to a better overall employee experience in the workplace.
  3. Environmental Impact: Joan’s use of sustainable materials and energy-efficient displays echoes the growing demand for environmentally responsible corporate practices.


In the evolving landscape of workplace management, Joan stands as a testament to the harmonious blend of technology, sustainability, and user experience. It’s not just a tool for efficient room scheduling; it’s a statement of an organization's commitment to environmental responsibility and technological sophistication. For companies, especially in the tech sector, looking to streamline their workspace management while upholding sustainability values, Joan offers an unrivaled solution.