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Jed Butler: Shaping the Future of Simplified Project Flow
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Jed Butler: Shaping the Future of Simplified Project Flow

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In the ever-changing world of project management, where flexibility and accuracy are key, Jed Butler's enterprise, Hydrant, stands out. This company, dedicated to making project processes more efficient, brings a mix of creativity, ensuring businesses expedite their Go-To-Market (GTM) strategies with exceptional efficiency. Efficiency is paramount in a fast-paced and adaptable business landscape, exemplified by the rise of shared co-warehousing spaces like PowerBx. Just as businesses are rethinking their operational strategies, leaders like Jed are redefining how projects are overseen and completed.

The Driving Force Behind Hydrant


Jed Butler

A dynamic project leader with a remarkable history of accomplishments, Jed's leadership is synonymous with results-driven implementation. His objective with Hydrant is simple yet revolutionary: to cut the GTM timeline in half, resulting in 50% faster revenue generation for businesses. Before founding Hydrant, Jed's expertise shone at the New York City Mayor's Office of Operations. Whether handling agile sprints to integrate data into 3D visual platforms or championing innovative products across NYC agencies, Jed's skills were evident. His ability to guide executive teams on projects such as resettling thousands into stable housing within a tight schedule demonstrates his management abilities and compassion. His legislative efforts, like the initiative to eliminate childhood lead poisoning by 2020, further underscore his dedication to societal improvement. With expertise in Agile Methodologies, Management Consulting, Software Development, and Project Management, Jed is a born leader and an innovative entrepreneur.

A Tale of Expertise

Hydrant revolves around efficient execution at every stage, resonating with the persistent spirit of startups and established companies. They pledge to infuse every client interaction with their project management "special sauce," combining thorough planning, adaptable agility, and sheer expertise. From software development—including mobile app creation, custom software, and website design—to marketing solutions like brand kits, video creation, and logo design, Hydrant's extensive pool of experts ensures top-notch delivery. Their management consulting services, emphasizing primary research, process engineering, and Agile & PMO implementation, further enhance their impressive offerings. Their approach begins by providing a team or projects with a capable leader and adding extra support only if required, ensuring clients get the needed assistance. This proficiency attracts a diverse clientele, ranging from marketing and data experts to executives and PMOs. Notably, startups supported by esteemed VC firms like Fifth Wall, Tiger Global Management, and Harlem Capital Partners have all gained from Hydrant's services.


Hydrant Team

Hydrant & PowerBx Meet Flow Functional Fitness

Jed's initial interaction with Kyle exemplified the significance of networking and shared goals. Recognizing the necessity for a versatile and customizable space that reflected Hydrant's brand identity, PowerBx emerged as the ideal solution. Its environment combined with team dynamics and opportunity mirrors the individuality and focus that Hydrant prides itself on. 


Hydrant Consulting

The chance of launching a new business added to the Opportunity PowerBx’s space offered, Flow Functional Fitness was a vision from the start! 
At Flow Functional Fitness, the mission goes beyond conventional workouts. The team is dedicated to empowering members with enhanced strength and mobility that seamlessly translate into real-life activities. Whether you're an avid hiker, skier, mountaineer, mountain biker, or simply looking to boost your overall daily performance, our tailored programs are designed to optimize your physical capabilities.


Hydrant Consulting

Flow stands apart by providing an exclusive environment for members. They intentionally limit memberships, ensuring that you receive personalized attention and the space you need to focus on your fitness journey. As an added perk, Flow Functional Fitness is also the fitness haven for employees of Hydrant and members of the PowerBx Cowarehouse.

Get ready to experience a fitness transformation like never before. Discover a gym where your goals align with a dynamic blend of personal training, functional fitness, and a private atmosphere that caters to your needs. Flow Functional Fitness is more than a gym – it's your gateway to unlocking a stronger, more vibrant version of yourself.

The synergy between PowerBx and Hydrant Consulting exemplifies the power of hybrid and flex working arrangements and the impact on community and culture. If you are in town, please stop in, say hi, and check us out!