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Esper MDM: The Key to Simplifying Android Room Booking Device Management
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Esper MDM: The Key to Simplifying Android Room Booking Device Management

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Mobile devices have become integral to our daily routine, serving various purposes such as communication, entertainment, work, and space management solutions. Consequently, mobile device usage in the workplace has increased, and Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions have become crucial. One of the top MDM solutions in the market is Esper MDM, which is now a part of PowerBx solutions.


MDM esper


Esper MDM is a cloud-based Android device management platform that simplifies business device management. Its primary goal is to enable remote management of Android devices while ensuring compliance with corporate policies, security, and the latest updates. This solution is handy for managing room booking devices in multiple buildings and floors.

Esper MDM is designed to provide complete control over Android devices without requiring physical access. Since managing several room booking devices in different locations is a challenge, Esper MDM is an indispensable tool for workspace management. It is a user-friendly platform offering many features suitable for any business looking to manage Android devices.


Esper MDM


Esper MDM's features include device enrollment, configuration, application management, security management, and device monitoring. It is also customizable, allowing businesses to tailor it to their needs and integrate it with other enterprise software solutions. Additionally, Esper MDM is cost-effective, allowing companies to save money by remotely managing Android devices and reducing IT costs, improving efficiency.



Overall, Esper MDM is a powerful, user-friendly, and cost-effective solution that simplifies business mobile device management. 

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