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Easily share and lease commercial property!
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Easily share and lease commercial property!

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1.1 Project Overview

SpaceAgent is a software-enhanced service tailored to showcase commercial properties for landlords. With a core philosophy grounded in community and culture, it seeks to serve the changing landscape of hybrid work models, offering Utah businesses a competitive edge across office, industrial, mixed-use, professional, and retail spaces.

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2.1 Problem Context

PowerBx, since 2014, has pioneered space management solutions globally, enhancing work environments with its hardware and electronic expertise. This expertise has catered to various industries, particularly mid-market and enterprise organizations. The shift towards remote and hybrid work models underscores the need for evolved space management tools. SpaceAgent, with its innovative approach, aims to address this gap.

2.2 Project Objective

The primary goal of SpaceAgent is to facilitate landlords in featuring their commercial properties by capitalizing on their community network. The project promises to revitalize spaces in as short a timeframe as 2 weeks, creating a hub for economic growth and cultural exchange.

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2.3 Economic Impact and Job Creation

The project's potential for job creation is vast. Initially, transitioning part-time employees to full-time roles and hiring director-level positions are foreseen. Post-launch, roles from administrative to community management are expected, estimating the creation and retention of thousands of jobs in Utah in the longer run.


3.1 Scope Overview

SpaceAgent offers landlords 'activation services' to highlight their commercial properties, emphasizing community and culture. The project's benchmarks encompass a robust platform for all stakeholders, a transactional URL tailored for properties, a dashboard for managed referrals, and a swift activation program.

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3.2 Rationale

SpaceAgent amalgamates the merits of co-warehousing with PowerBx's logistical capabilities, resonating with the hybrid work trend and thus bolstering Utah’s economic growth. The project's holistic approach promises enhanced networking, collaboration, and substantial ROI improvements for stakeholders.


4.1 Methodology 

Phase 1: Market Analysis and Feasibility Study

PowerBx's global deployments and trusted partnerships provide a robust foundation to embark on the SpaceAgent project, ensuring alignment with flexible workspace models.


Phase 2: Platform Development and Testing

Capitalizing on PowerBx’s technological prowess, this phase focuses on creating a robust platform, emphasizing quality, efficiency, and immediate community value.


Phase 3: Network Development and Engagement

The process leverages PowerBx’s globally honed methodologies, fine-tuned for Utah's dynamic market, ensuring the platform aligns with prevailing work environments while infusing the economy with innovation.


Phase 4: Launch and Marketing

PowerBx's comprehensive experience ensures a strategic launch, embedding SpaceAgent within Utah's economic fabric through cultivated local relationships.


5.1 Oversight

PowerBx will utilize its established team to supervise SpaceAgent's progress, integrating the initiative within the company's existing successful methodologies, and ensuring scalability.

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6.1 Final Remarks

SpaceAgent is poised to redefine space management, seamlessly connecting landlords, brokers, and diverse industries, creating a landscape that resonates with today's business demands.