Steelcase V.I.A.
Tablet Mount

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An essential addition to your Steelcase office architecture

Connects instantly. Looks flawless.

  • Aesthetic

    Designed to compliment your office brand

  • Connection

    Instant attachment & software integration

  • Focus

    LED status indicators, keep your team uninterrupted

Steelcase & Powerbx

Steelcase V.I.A. can provide true acoustical privacy for collaborative teams, as well as for workers in adjacent work spaces. To keep this increased focus uninterrupted, Powerbx is the perfect addition.

With our new bracket specifically designed to instantly attach to any Steelcase privacy wall or architecture, Powerbx will be ready to integrate with your conference room meeting software of choice in minutes. Our powder coating creates a scratch proof and fingerprint resistant layer that will keep your conference room booking system look beautiful for years.

Introducing the Powerbx Door Mount Collection exclusively for Steelcase V.I.A

The Classic
Door Mount

Beautifully designed and lovingly built, our Classic Door Mount will be the perfect compliment to your stellcase office, conference room or lobby. This 100% aluminum enclosure is pressed from a single sheet, powder coated twice, inspected and assembled by staff at Powerbx before being shipped to your workplace.

The Icon LED
Door Mount

Our ICON LED is an iconic part of modern Steelcase offices around the world. Designed to notify with LED lights integrated with Conference Room Booking systems the ICON LED Door Mount will be the perfect compliment to your modern office, conference room or lobby. The ICON LED can also support a color matching your office color scheme.

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Steelcase V.I.A. Tablet Mount

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