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These SEEK Capacitive Touch Displays provide detailed images and an easy user interface


SEEK Capacitive Touch Displays 27"-65"

  • The SEEK Touchscreen Display creates intuitive and interactive digital experiences for various use cases. Use SEEK to greet guests in your enterprise lobby with organization information, wayfinding, and navigation resources. Deploy SEEK in your retail store to improve customer satisfaction with a harmonized digital and physical shopping experience. The SEEK Touchscreen Display is the ultimate tool to enhance any space with an engaging and immersive digital experience. 
  • This commercial-grade display features projective capacitive touch and can be mounted directly to the wall using an included bracket, displayed flush, or at an angle. 


  • The classic design aesthetic for a stylish and versatile solution
  • Purpose-built for enterprise digital experience applications
  • Delivers a superior and cost-effective alternative to using consumer devices
  • Can be purchased through PowerBx’s Platform as a Service (PaaS) program
  • Directly integrates with various wayfinding and navigation services
  • Enterprise-grade security

Technical Specifications

  • Warranty - 1 year
  • Device Dimensions - 27", 32", 55" or 65" diagonal display
  • Color - Black