Specially designed for the Kindle Fire, the Kindle LITE Door Mount elevates any office or lobby it’s apart of. Using self-tapping screws the mount attaches directly to the right or left side of an aluminum door frame, and an opening on the side of the mount allows you to thread the tablet’s power cord through the mullion. The Kindle LITE Door Mount has a hardware free back that looks neat and tidy from all angles.

The Kindle LITE Door Mount comes in black, silver, and white. The unit is .69 in/ 1.75 cm deep and the home button of the tablet is uncovered. This 100% aluminum mount is powder coated twice to create a scratch proof and fingerprint resistant surface that will stay pristine for years to come. Plus, it’s inspected by the Powerbx team before shipping to your workplace to guarantee you’re getting a high quality product. Connect our Power Over Ethernet device in the door frame to keep your Kindle running smoothly.

Product Name

Kindle LITE Door Mount


Kindle Fire HD 8”, Kindle Fire HD 10”



How it Mounts





Black, Silver, White


HD8 - H- 5.44", W- 8.77", D- 0.69"

HD10 - H- 6.71", W- 10.6", D- 0.69"

Home button


Compatible Software

BlueJeans, Crestron, Indoor Finders, Robin, Teem, Workscape, Zoom


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