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Power over Ethernet

LITE Door Mini Data Sheet 


Installation Guide: PowerBox

The LITE Door + PowerBox delivers easy access, concealed power over ethernet with a sleek modern design. It's the magic room scheduler for tricky door mounting situations and the perfect compliment to your office, conference room, or lobby. Using self-tapping screws, the PowerBox attaches directly to the right or left side of your aluminum door frame, creating a hardware free back that looks neat and tidy from all angles. The LITE Door + PowerBox is our minimalist solution to put your room scheduling software on full display while keeping your tablet safe, secure, and powered.

Available with Classic PoE or Gigabit PoE, the Power over Ethernet adapter and power cable are conveniently hidden within the PowerBox case. This 100% aluminum room scheduling display is powder coated twice to create a scratch proof and fingerprint resistant surface that will stay pristine for years to come. Plus, it’s inspected by the PowerBx team before shipping to your workplace to guarantee you’re getting a high quality product. The unit is just over a half inch deep and has a side opening to allow the ethernet cable to pass through the mullion.

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Tech Specs

Tablet Compatibility:

  • iPad Mini Gen 6


  • n/a
Included Mounting Hardware:
  • Screws


  • Aluminum


  • Black
  • Silver
  • White


  • iPad Mini: H- 5.68", W- 8.4", D- 0.55"

Home Button Options:

  • Covered

Compatible Software:

  • BlueJeans
  • Crestron
  • Envoy
  • Indoor Finders
  • Robin
  • Teem
  • Workscape
  • Zoom

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