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Streamline your lobby check in with touchless temperature scanning and return to work screening in one simplified package.

TEMP Thermal Reader uses a built-in infrared thermometer to measure forehead and facial skin surface temperature with no-contact. TEMP can monitor face mask compliance, use facial recognition and contactless thermal camera to collect real-time profiles. Now with QR Pal, TEMP gets an upgrade with digital COVID Safety Surveys via QR Code. Guests can quickly scan the QR code and complete a survey using their phone, saving resources and time.

*This bundle includes 1 TEMP Thermal Reader and 1 QR Pal. Survey sold separately*


  • 25 Customizable Survey Questions
  • Custom Branding
  • Report Management
  • 24/7 Email Support 

Conveniently display your QR code by attaching QR Pal to your TEMP Thermal Reader using the provided velcro straps. 

Workplace Wellness is made easier with QR Pal and TEMP