Classic Wall Mount

by Powerbx


Beautifully designed and lovingly built, our Classic Wall Mount will be the perfect compliment to your office, conference room or lobby. This 100% aluminum enclosure is pressed from a single sheet, powder coated twice, inspected and assembled by staff at Powerbx before being shipped to your workplace.

The Classic Wall Mount is available in three colors; matte black, glowing silver, and bright white with an optional cover over the iPad home button. Our powder coating creates a scratch proof and fingerprint resistant layer that will keep your conference room booking system look beautiful for years. The unit is 1 in / 2.54 cm deep, and designed with enough room to connect our Power Over Ethernet device behind the iPad or tablet to keep your device running smoothly.

Classic Wall Mount Installation Manual

Compatible Software: BlueJeans, Crestron, Indoor Finders, Robin, Teem, Workscape, Zoom.