Classic Power Over Ethernet Adapter

by Powerbx


Our proprietary Powerbx Power Over Ethernet (POE) Convertor will keep any iPad mini, iPad Air, iPad Pro, iPad Classic, Samsung, and all other tablet devices fully charged via a USB connector and Cat5 or Cat6 ethernet connection to keep your conference room booking system beautifully displayed day and night.

Our Power Over Ethernet (POE) Convertor is fully IEEE802.3AF compliant, includes a RJ45 Connector input, a USB Connector output, input voltage 48VDC 802.AF, output voltage of 5V 2A and LED status indicators. Each unit is assembled and inspected at full voltage by Powerbx employees before shipping to your office place.

We include one (1) year of warranty for the Powerbx Power Over Ethernet (POE) Convertor, and offer a three (3) year and five (5) year extended warranty.

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